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Please Help. Mix Match DJ Setup with the DRPA Question????

dj slutzdj slutz Posts: 2
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Ok heres the deal, I work in a bar and unfortunatley due to low funds we haven't been able to put together a substantial system yet. Pretty much all the equipment used is mine. The room is roughly about 30' x 30' with 10' ceilings. The sound is so tinny at times it can be deafening. I know that I don't have enough speakers in there to properly set it up but it's all I can do for now. I've tried my best to figure out how to use the DRPA but I just can't seem to comprehend it at times. HEre's my setup: A Pioneer DJM 800 going into the DRPA. After that, two Mackie SRM 450's on one end and 2 Jbl Eon 15p -1 's at the other. The sub is a 4' Peavey speaker that a buddy of mine bought from a flea market a few years back which is powered by a crown amp. Not sure of the model numbers on them but if I need them I'll get em'. Works pretty good but it's not even a sub!!! I've got the two speakers at each end setup for the high's and mid's in a diagonal pattern. Right now I'm using the Rock Venue setting on the rack and everything else is set at default. Is it possible to set this sucka up properly with a mix match sytem like this??? If so please help me out. As I said, the sound can be deafening at times and I find myself constantly fighting with the knobs on the mixer to help it out. Pain in the arse!!! And the last thing I want is anybodies ears ringing at the end of the night if it can be helped. Please HELP!!!

Thanks in advance,

Greg G.


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777

    Please answer these questions.

    Are the speaker's flown (hard to move)?
    Do you have the RTA mic?
    Did you Auto EQ?
    One 4 foot peavey \"sub\"? I assume that is the cabinate size. How many speakers in the cab? What siz are the speakers? Yes, model # if possible and of the amp.
    Sub amp bridged?
    \"Not a sub\"?
    Where is the sub (physically)?
    How do you currently have the DRPA set up? mono, stereo, x-over, EQ, etc...

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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Go get'em DRA!.. I'll be gone through the weekend.. have a good one..
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