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JBL MRX-525 and Crown 2402

egutiergegutierg Posts: 2
edited July 2007 in PA General Discussion
Hi everyone, new guy in the forum. This is what I got:

2 JBL MRX-525
2 Crown 2402 amps

On the PA instruction booklet it says that I can program my MRX-525's with my DRPA. Well I have gone over and over the options and I don't see a program for my JBL's. I e-mail DBX and told me that I should send my DRPA back to them so they can add the new firmware on it. (Is this normal????)
Also if I wanted to connect 1 amp for each speaker should I connect them to the high section or mid???


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    You can send it back if you really want to, but you will gain nothing really. From the 260 driveware this is the recommended H-pass filter - 51hz BW24. No PEQ adjustments listed. Set the cabs to custom. EQ to stereo linked.

    Do the gain structure and set the limiter per the manual.

    Hope this helped.

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