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Manual tunings for B-52 ACT 18X

ChristoChristo Posts: 7
edited September 2007 in Configuration Wizard
I'M fairly new to my DriverackPA.
I would like to know what would be the settings for the B-52 ACT18X
subwoofer. This is a powered sub. and is not on the preset list.

I would be using this sub together with the non-powered version (ACT18XS) and a pair of JBL Eons15G2.

I would like to use this system in Stereo.
Can you also state which template /settings would be appropriate for
the Eons as well.

Thanks in advance


  • DraDra Posts: 3,844
    The eons should be in the list. Select your subs as \"custom\". Set your x-over point to about 100hz LR type 24 db slope. (it may set this for you) Set a hi-pass on your sub at 40 - 45 hz BW 18. The eons level controls should set to 9 o'clock.

  • Greatly appreciate all replies posted to my questions over the last few days !!!

    .....and I did do some reading on the tutorials and article in the Welcome
    section too.....They helped me understand things a bit better.

    Though I'd like to clear the air on the following :

    You said to set the x-over point to about 100hz.....I did this on the H frequency

    The high pass filter on the sub was done in the second screen in the L
    freq....was that correct ?
    Oh, by the way ...B-52 says that there is a subsonic filter of 30hz on these
    subs BW 18.
    I take it subsonic means low pass ...........????
    Should I still set the HP on the sub @ 40-45 hz .....or reduce to 30 hz ?

    Do I / Should I set anything on the LP band filter ??

    And just to confirm.....Freq. on the DRPA LCD Screen is measured on the
    X-axis and Db measured on the Y......Is this also correct ?

  • DraDra Posts: 3,844
    The Hi-pass (sub-sonic) filter can be put where you want it the higher it is the more available (unwasted) power you will have. Also the less likey you are to damage your speakers. If I had to guess, the 30hz point is probably at -10db output and very unlikely is even audible. So why waste the power if the ouput is of no benefit. I stick by 40-45hz, and then only if they are efficient that low.

    The Lo-pass (hi cut) should also be set at 100hz LR 24 (or just a tad lower for a small gap if needed). You can confirm your x-over settings when you Auto-EQ outdoors to check for system response flatness.

    Hi-pass: Let's freqs pass that are higher than the filter point.
    Lo-pass: Let's freqs pass that are lower than the filter point.

    Hi-pass = Lo cut
    Lo-pass = Hi cut

    If I remember, 1 screen for the hi output, 2 screens for the mid and lo outputs.
    Yes (x / y)

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