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Passive and active set up

dapal07dapal07 Posts: 3
edited July 2007 in Configuration Wizard
Hello everyone. I need help to set up my system:

- One Peavey amp CS 400 to run 2 passive sub peavey Subcompact SP 18
# Frequency Response: 47 Hz to 190 Hz (-3 dB)
# Low Frequency Cut-off (-3 dB): 47 Hz
# Usable Low Frequency limit (-10 dB point): 39 Hz
# Power Handling: 350 W continuous, 700 W program, 1,400 W peak
# Max Sound Pressure Level: 122 dB SPL (cont.), 128 dB SPL (peak)
# Impedance (Z): Full Range Nominal is 8 ½
- One pair of Mavkie active SA 1521 specified as : http://mackie.com/pdf/sa1521_ss.pdf
- Mackie mixer Onyx 1220
- DBX Drive rack PA

I understand that I should set everthing as custom amp, custom speakers... Please help me on the cross over and EQ.

I also bought a DBX RTA mic. From the advice that I read from this forum, I set up my gear in my garage today, trying to pin the gear to have a general set up. Where do I put the mic ? How far it would be from the mic to the speaker. Someone in this forum said I should point the mic just to ONE stack and down to the floor. What is that mean?

Being as a newbie and with my language barrier, please help me. I 've read every day since I 've bought the DVD Drive Rack PA but still be without a clue. Please step by step and help me.


  • DraDra Posts: 3,844
    You are very under powered for your subs. So, it is extremely important that you set you limiter to avoid clipping. (read the FAQ section post to set your gain structure and limiters)
    Subs: set a Hi-pass filter about 50 - 55 hz with a BW 18 slope
    set a Lo-pass filter at 90 hz with a LR 24 slope
    Mackie's: set a Hi-pass filter at 90 hz with a LR 24 slope

    Do this and report back. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO AUTO EQ, YET.

  • dapal07dapal07 Posts: 3
    Thanks for quick response. I just hook up and haven't touch anything yet,waiting for the answer. :D .

    So I should have a more power amp for theses sub.? Which one would you recommand?

    I will play with the limmitter things but I could wait to buy the right amp for my system. All of your inputs would be very helpfully.

    updated: a friend just let me borrow his peavey amp PV 500__Could I run each amp for one sub? Then what adapter should I get to divide signal to both amp. Any problem if I do this
  • DraDra Posts: 3,844
    The bare minimum that you need is 700 watts per speaker. But 1400 - 2000 watts per speaker is more what you need.

    Even bridging the 2 amps that you have only gives you 400 and 450 watts per speaker. To use the 2 amps and avoid having to use an adaptor (being a newbie) just set up the subs as stereo and use the L & R Lo outputs.

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