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freakezoidfreakezoid Posts: 4
edited September 2007 in 4800 Software Control
How can I get to see the frequencies that are set on the fixed filters? They are visible when you first set them, but once I store the patch and venue, quit the program and then restart the program, the frequencies can't be seen anymore. The filters are active and are working, but there are no spikes on the graph anymore.

Is this a program glitch?


  • I have the same problem with the AFS system but I am not quite sure if the filters still working after they are no longer visible? I copied them in the parametric EQ before I close the venue file (wich is not a final solution) so i hope there will soon an answer for this problem because it definitly looks like a programm glitch!!?
  • This was a bug that should be fixed in SA version 1.50 (4800 Firmware version I would recommend going to the below link and downloading this update.

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