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4800 AFS another question

freakezoidfreakezoid Posts: 4
edited August 2007 in 4800 Software Control
Regarding the Feedback module:

Also, how does the sensitivity control work? The owners manual is useless as far as giving any serious info on that. I'm seeing vocalists trigger the live feedback filters just by singing loudly. They also get triggered by sustained keyboard and guitar parts played in monitors.


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    Hi freakezoid,

    Think of the sensitivity control as a kind of level control for a detection circuit. The higher the value, the more sensitive the AFS is. The lower the value, the less sensitive it is. Typically if you are runnning the processor at unity gain, the sensitivity should be around 0. If the signal into the processor is a litle low, you would bring up the sensitivity control. It sounds like you may need to bring the sensitivity contol down. :D

    Hope this helps.
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