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Need advice!!

dbgor2308dbgor2308 Posts: 14
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Hi folks...I have been reading this forum till i am blue in the face and now i'm ready to start asking some questions!! I am getting ready to install My DRPA soon and would very much appreciate some advice. I have a basic PA that I use in my band. I have a very basic knowledge of PA gear and am learning every day!!! I have printed the set up suggestions under the FAQ and I am going to use a lot of tip and tricks I have read on the forum. I have also downloaded the 20 minute pink noise CD for use. Before I bore you with my set-up list I first have some newbie questions I would like to ask regarding some things:

1. Do I need to purchase a RTA mic to pink a room or would a really good condensor mic do the job?

2. In the FAQ suggestions it says to turn off the clip limiters on your amps but doesn't say to turn them back on....should they stay off??

3. I am running my amps in stereo at 500 watts per side with just tops (15\")and subs(18\") through a crossover. One on each side of the stage. Should i bridge my amps before i set-up the DRPA or is this sufficient power to have plenty of head room??

4. Should I hook-up my full system outside to do the tweaking?? Or Inside??

5. Lastly, we practice in a very small room with just the tops. Will the DRPA be able to help with feedback elimination in a room approx 10x15 in size. Any suggestions on this will be wonderful as feedback is a huge issue in this room!!

These are the first in what I anticipate of many questions!! You guys always seem eager to help and I REALLY WILL appreciate all the tips and suggestions and answers to my annoying newbie questions!!!

Thanks in advance


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Welcome, David

    1) Get the RTA
    2) IF you are using the DRPA limiters to set a maximum output then you would not use the limiters in the amp.
    3) Really need more info, but the probable answer is yes to bridging.
    4) If the tweaking is to get a base \"flat setting\" and to check your crossover point selection, then yes, do it outdoors.
    5) The FBX (AFS) will help but there are many other things that come into play. 10 x 15?, yikes. Can you say blankets and pillows?

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    Thanks for the reply......here is my equipment list...please don't laugh!!

    Tops=Peavey sp 2xt
    Subs=Behringer B1800X Pro

    Tops=QSC rmx2450 500 watts per side stereo Bridged=2400 watts
    Subs=Behringer Europower EP 2500 450 watts stereo 2400 watts bridged

    Mixer=Mackie CFX12

    digitech effects

    yes our practice room is very small.....nightmarish....i'm looking for a good clean sound and loud (WHEN WE PLAY OUT) ......I am thinking bridging is the way to go...but I have read it can be dangerous and unsafe on the equipment.

    If I bridge the amps do I still go out from the board from both sends and come out from the posts or do i just use one send into the amp from the board??
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Bridging will put about 1200w into each cab. That is not tomuch unless you are running full tilt and you limiters are staying engaged the entire time (1200w cont into you cabs).

    Just pick left or right (or build a stereo to mono XLR cable) for you input into the DRPA.

    How do you like the Mackie board?

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    The mackie board is graeat....2 aux sends and the board is quite and built like a tank. The only gripes I have are you can only use one effect at time and the onboard effects can't be sent to the monitors......other than that the effects are pretty decent for a small band like ours...

    I figured out the bridging thing.......thanks!!

    My problem now is I'm kinda regretting buying the DRPA because it sounds like it super hard to get it EQ\"d and the like.....you guys are so technical...lol....but I am gonna hook it up this week and see what happens.....Many questions will follow I am sure!!! Esp. regarding EQ and feedback control.....I wanna be able to set it and forget it...If that is possible!!

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