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truoble with simple stereo hook up

judejude Posts: 6
edited September 2007 in Configuration Wizard
Hey guys, I am having truoble with the set up of my new stereo soundcraft board. Everything seems fine in set up wizard and EQ, but I can only get output from one side of the DBX PA. The new board has R & L sliders. My old one had one slider. I'm just looking for a simple stereo full range set up. I have two yorkville 15\" full range speakers run thru a yorkville stereo amp.


  • DraDra Posts: 3,844
    Welcome. Fellow Yorkville user here. What cabs are you using?

    OK, on to your problem.
    Do you have L/R ouput at the board meters?
    Do you have L/R input at the meters on the DRPA?
    Do you have L/R High at the meters on the DRPA?
    Do you have L/R amp activity?

    Have you tried swapping the XLR patch cables (one set only at a time) to see if the problem switches sides?

  • judejude Posts: 6
    Thanks for the help. I,m using yorkville Pulse TR315's in full range. I have two output signals leaving the board, two input signals on the DRPA but only a left output signal. Yes I have switched sides and the condition changes sides. If I chose dual mono how do I RTA each side? I,m thinking this may be my problem.
  • DraDra Posts: 3,844
    Whether or not you RTA both sides is going to be irrevelent to you problem. Let me see if I get this right.

    1-L&R outs on board register.
    2-L&R inputs on DRPA, also.
    3-L out on DRPA only registers.
    4-Swapped XLR cables from board to DRPA, R out on DRPA only registers?

    If 2 & 3 are both true, then 4 cannot be true. I must have missed something.

  • judejude Posts: 6
    Sorry I wasn't more clear. I swapped out cables at the board going to the left working side of the PA to make sure I had a signal out on both sides of the board. I did.
  • DraDra Posts: 3,844
    Can you confirm input meter activity L&R on the DRPA?
  • judejude Posts: 6
    I'm not at home now but I'm pretty darn sure I had input I had left and right input.
  • DraDra Posts: 3,844
    Here is my recommendation.
    Hook up every thing. Double check that you are in 2 inputs and that you are out the High L & R outputs . From right to left, the 1st 4 connectors should all be used.
    Load in program #2 (Stereo 2-way). That will take out the possibility that you \"did\" something that I can't figure out.
    Sound from both speaker?
    L & R meter activity from High & Low meters on DRPA?
    L & R meter activity from input meters on DRPA?
    L & R meter activity on board still?

    When you get home, verify all this and post back. Assuming that you don't find something, sounds like a bad unit. Did the DRPA work with the other board?

  • judejude Posts: 6
    I only have left input and output. Switch sides on mixer same result. Looks like a bad unit. Are these that fragile? Only about a year old.
  • DraDra Posts: 3,844
    They are covered for 2 years. Follow the directions in your maual and/or call tech support. Could just be a bad solder joint in the input connector. But don't crack it open since it is under warranty. Bad luck of the draw.

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