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4 Config. questions

ChristoChristo Posts: 7
edited September 2007 in Configuration Wizard
Hey all,

Just got my DRPA and would appreciate some clarifications.
I apologise if these may seem to be weird questions but I really do not
want to BLOW UP ANYTHING !!!

1. From the program mode, if I wish to do System set-up, do I need
to connect my Active speakers ( JBL Eons G2's/B-52 Act 18X/S Subs )
to the DR ??
All I wish to do at this stage is to set up the config. (2 X 4 System)

2. Will the DR allow this loaded prog. to be stored without setting up
Auto EQ and AFS ??

3. Factory Prog. # 25 is named Eon 1500 2 X 4.
Is this the first generation Eons or the G2's ?......just looking to see if I
can use this as a template to start with & then edit for the subs .

4. To familarize myself with a hands-on approach, can I simply power on
the DR and navigate through programs/modules WITHOUT connecting
inputs from mixer and outputs to amps/speakers ??



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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915

    You don't need to use any of the modules in any of the configurations...they are none the less still there..and still available.

    You could use the C300 in a custom (wizard) setup, with a 2x3 or 2x4. It will just give you a blank slate tops / subs with stereo or mono subs... you will still need to set the xover point the lows give way to the highs. I would recomend starting at around 100 hz and see how that works.

    yes.. set it on the kitchen table and press every button and scroll through every menu till you get comfortable with the interface and are able to easily navigate to any point in the unit. You cannot screw anything up as the factory defaults are always there to \"restore\" if you wish. I recommend you forget the presets and go through the wizard and set up an all custom setup to familiarize yourself with the procedure, refer to the block diagram for flow and module placement in the chain.

    Read the FAQ' Welcome and \"Former forum\" \"tutorials for lots of good info.

    your question # 3 is not germain since no speaker tunings are necessary when not \"bi-amping a single cabinet...in doing a 2x3 or 2x4 setup you are simply setting up a crossover point the subs and tops cross...
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    1) Since you are 100% active, you do not need you speakers connected (assuming that you will be using the limiters in the cabs for protection).
    2)Absolutely, You can save at anytime, whether you use modules or not.
    3)Personally, I might look at it to check out the crossover settings, etc., then setup preset #1 and name it what you want. I would further recommend, setting up an \"Eon only\" fullrange program for when you won't use subs.
    4) YES, YES, YES. Even download the GUI (even though you can't use it for the DRPA) and play with it. It will help you understand the modules a lot better.
    5) yes, I know you don't have a 5, but have you read the FAQ posts at the top of the main page? Lots of good info there.

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