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old PA unit

limon513limon513 Posts: 6
edited September 2007 in PA Configuration Wizard
I saw that the newer version PA unit have settings for Peavey amps and I would like to get the settings for myself. I'm using four PV2600s and two PV3800s, all i need is the LIMIT setting and amp level setting(%). please some one help or hint


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    You should download the 260 GUI Driveware and all this is in there for you. Also will help you in a bunch of other ways.
    You should do a gain structure manually to get the best out of the amps (read the FAQ > Welcome post).

    But since you want the recs from the DRPA, here they are.
    PV2600 - 56% with limiter at X (explained below)
    PV3800 - 59% with limiter at X-2db

    Since I pulled the limiter info from the 260, (brick wall limiting) and the DRPA has no brick wall limiting (theoretical unlimited overshoot), these settings are not very helpful. But they are good as a reference to each other. The manual limiter set-up is in the post mentioned above.
    But based on the 260, the limiter for the 3800 should be set 2db lower than the setting for the 2600. Both are over easy / 4.

    Do yourself a favor and do it all manually. It wont take but a few minutes and you can be confident that you are protected (as much as you can be with the DRPA).

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