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Subs in Stereo or Mono ??

ChristoChristo Posts: 7
edited September 2007 in PA Configuration Wizard
I've read on a previous post ( a reply by Gadget I believe ) that for users
who have B52 ACT Subs - 1 Active sub which poweres the passive one -
that it may make sense to set up in System setup as Custom Mono as
opposed to Custom Stereo.
1. ( I take it therefore only connect the Low left from DRPA to the Sub ?
....ie. this will be a 2 X 3 and not 2 X 4 ....right ? )

He did indicate that he checked out that they were mono connected internally.

2. Hopefully if he or anyone reads this post can I have some further
explanation on this.

3. Will there be a difference in the response from the subs from these two
configs ?

4. Also would there be a delay adj. if my Eons G2's are approx. 2\"-3\" behind my Subs?
They are mounted approx. 36\" above my Subs on a subwoofer pole.
5. Can I auto EQ in a room approx. 12' X 12' ?? - Boundary effects ???
If so, what are some things to expect ?
6. With a test CD playing through the system can I adjust the gain for the
Eons G2's on the DRPA ??
Appreciate any help please !!


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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    You rang? Yes that is a 2x3 config, no a 2x4 using only one of the outputs would most likely be the same unless you pan sources on the mixer, but in the 2x3 the outputs are summed.. and yes the left lo out and L/R hi outs for the 2x3 config.

    Some delay will probably be appropriate, sweep the delay slowly and see if the bass doesn't get tighter and more focused a some point.

    Well... thats gonna be tough.. a 12x12 room? what.. are you just practicing? I would expect LOTS of problems ... especially in the low end... standing waves and all...you'll never know if you don't get a flat response preset to compare it to...

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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    #6 Yes you can, but it will affect the point where the Eons and B52's interact. This will cause a likely hump as the slopes intersect. So you would probably need to separate the filters a bit to compensate. But, this can open cans of worms during a gig, so be careful.

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