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dbx 260 - 3 Output LEDs not working on 1 of the channels

freddie309freddie309 Posts: 3
edited September 2007 in Front Panel
This past weekend I connected my new dbx 260, and there's a problem with this unit where the bottom 3 LEDs of the Output Meters on Channel 1 on the Front Panel do not light up when they actually should be. I have confirmed that it is not a configuration issue, because I can see the equivalent meters light up in the Driveware software GUI when connected to my laptop. All of the other Input/Output channel LED's seem to be working fine except for channel 1 Output (bottom 3).

I've done both a soft and hard reset, and the problem continues. Is this a hardware defect issue that can only be fixed by opening up the unit, or is there any other way to resolve this without having to send it back?




  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Not that it matters much, but do the #4 and up work? Did you buy it local where you can just exchange it?

    Gadget, any suggestions?

  • As you suggested I tried #4 and up on my laptop with the Driveware running connected and the problem still exists.

    I purchased this new from an online auction merchant.

  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Does the box have a serial # and the unit also have a serial # and do they match? Did you verify that the auction merchant is an authorized retailer? I would contact tech support :
    [email protected]
    And see what options you have...The lack of front panel meters wouldn't mean anything to me since I rarely ever see the thing since its 100 feet away in the amp rack and I use the GUI exclusively...but if it's under warranty get it fixed...sounds like a display driver or cable issue..

  • Thanks Dra and Gadget for so far taking the time to read and reply to my concerns.

    Yes, the box had a serial # that matched the unit's serial #. I didn't confirm if they were authorized, but I have made arrangements with them to get it exchanged for a new replacement, and they did mention they would return it back to the manufacturer.

    One question I do have kind of off topic, is that I noticed the unit did not have a fan on the back that shows on the dbx website rear panel pics, and also I don't remember seeing a power off/on switch in the back. I wonder if the design has changed since those pics were taken. The firmware version of the unit already had the latest version according to the dbx website.

    I was kind of disappointed I didn't see the fan. I have a Driverack PA that I'm now going to use for my \"B\" rig, and have always noticed that it gets pretty hot. To help a little, I've placed it in my rack so that there is about a little over 1/2 inch clearance above it to let the vents on top breathe somewhat.

    1. Does the 260 get as hot as the Driverack PA?

    2. Are all versions of the 260's suppose to have a fan and power off/on switch on the back?

    3. Is it safe to have no cleareance at the top covering the top vents when rack mounted? I am needing to fill my rack to capacity by adding a microphone mixer, and I was wondering if it was normal to have other gear rack mounted directly above the 260.

    4. How do you guys rack mount your 260's? Any general key placements that have good benefits? I'm not sure my 1/2 inch clearance above the Driverack PA makes much of a difference in reducing the heat buildup, but I would think that the vents at the top are there for a reason.


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    It was determined early on that the fan in the 260 was unnecessary (this is from DBX) I have to concur... My 260 is top mounted in a fan evacuated rack with 10,000 watts of power, and has been running there for 5 + years with out a single glitch..with 5 nights a week user activity. My DRPA has had some \"display issues\" but always works regardless...
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