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matching amp to JBL mpro 418

rosscatrosscat Posts: 2
edited September 2007 in Configuration Wizard
Configuring the Driverack PA for our JBL mains withour crown amplifiers was going great until we tried to match up our JBL MPRO 418 subs with our Crown XS 1200 amplifier. The Wizard indicates the XS 900 but not the XS 1200. The subs are rated 600 watts @ 4 ohms - our XS 1200 amp is rated 1100 watts @ 4 ohms. The XS 900 amp is rated 900 watts @ 4 ohms. Can we set the wizard with XS 900 config while using the XS 1200 or do we risk underpowering the subs using this configuration. We intend to EQ the system with the RTA mike. Your insight is appreciated.


  • DraDra Posts: 3,844
    You can download the 260 GUI Driveware from the module link above. As a comparison, the 260 has the 900 at 58% and the 1200 at 49% on the amp attenuators. However, you should read the welcome post in the FAQ section and do a manual gain structure for the amps. Yes, the wizard is probably close, but always safer than sorrier.

  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Then when your done doing what will very probably end up being an execrise in futility try doing a gain structure and see where you actually end up...

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