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DriveRack PA and JBL MRX 515s Full Range

quanahparkerquanahparker Posts: 23
edited September 2007 in PA Configuration Wizard
Im hoping, before I purchase a DriveRack PA, if JBL MRX 515 are there in the list for speaker tunings. I will use two MRX 515 full range for a while, and perhaps introduce 1 sub at times.

Can anyone give me any insight? Ive read that one needs to download the 280 firmware? Is this correct?

Thanks :)


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    The JBL MRX 515 are currently listed in the on-line manual for the DRPA for available Speaker tunings and programs.

    I have had my DRPA a little over a year and they were NOT one of the available speaker tunings for my (version 1.100, P 23, HW 01) of the DRPA. I understand If you send in your DRPA into DBX, they can upgrade it, but you have to send it in, as new eprom is required, The DRPA is not software upgradeable which is a DOWN SIDE for sure. Only warning is some musical suppliers have stock for a while so I guess the possibility exist you could buy a new DRPA with outdated software. Not sure what the current version number is I would call DBX and ask (801-568-7660). Then if you buy a new one, power it on in the store and check the version that comes up on the display when it powers up.

    I am starting to learn and find power of what the DRPA can do, but most people here will tell you for the extra $200 you should invest in the Driverack 260. It has more capabilities, speaker and amp tunings can be updated as new ones are made available. The DR 260 is software upgradeable with driveware software and the The PC interface is easier to use and visualize what is going on.

    Even if you buy the DRPA you should download the Driveware GUI for the 260, as you can learn quite a bit about even how the DRPA works. You can use it in off-line mode and use the wizard to configure speaker and amp settings and look at the crossover setting that are recommended. So in effect you could use the driveware GUI for example to assist you on how to configure speakers or amps they are not in the tunings list in the DRPA. The driveware GUI does not work with DRPA.

    Here is where you can download the Driveware GUI:


    Download the Driveware GUI. Click on the \"DriveRack Training Modules\" link above. Look under Software. Then, just so you'll be totally up to date, download the Firmware 260 updater.

    Run the Driveware and open \"install\" the 260.
    Double click the image of the 260.
    click on the Wizard box and select \"Custom\" for all speakers and amps.
    Load the configuration.
    Double click the cross-over box \"X\".
    Move the sliders and see what they do.

    Click below and you can link to cool interactive DRPA tutorial, I suggest you download it, you can learn a lot from using it.


    Hope this helps.
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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Guys ... you don't need tunings for passive cabinets! The MRX series are NOT set up to bi-amp! and even a set of MRX tops and subs doesn't qualify as a bi-amp rig...While crossover and gain info are sometimes supplied PEQ, limiter and delay settings are rarely addressed.
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Q, Don't buy a DRPA because the MRX are in the \"list\". Buy it because you want a great tool to improve your sound. Yes, download the 260 GUI and play with it. Think hard about the upgrade to the 260. For a little more $ you get so much more. If you buy the DRPA, within a couple of months you'll wish you had waited 1 or 2 more gigs and bought the 260. I have a DRPA and a 260. I still use the DRPA in my DJ rig, but I wish it was a 260.

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    However, I do know others that use the PA and get great results. If I could afford one, I would..but just cant swing it. Surely, though..the PA will be great for what Im doing. Nearly always Full Range using MRX515s.

    Ill have to figure out how to run stereo though...as of now, I run MONO out of a Mackie 24x4 VLZ Pro to one side of a QSC 2450, and then run from one MRX to the other. The other side of the amp Im using for a monitor.
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    In case you haven't read it elsewhere, buy a cheap UPS (battery back-up) like for your computer. If you loose power for any reason, a very loud transient pop from the DRPA can damage speakers.

    No boubt you will love it. Running stereo (FOH) + a monitor (through the DRPA) is not possible. Run mono FOH + monitor is, but with many draw-backs and limitation.

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