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DRPA 1 - Gain Structure

jaredkranzjaredkranz Posts: 12
edited September 2009 in PA Configuration Wizard
Like many I am having trouble using the DRPA to its full ability. I can manage to get a decent sound out of it but am unsure of many aspects, and think that I am probably not using it too its full potential. Rather than just ask for over-all help and giving you my setup and asking for directions, I thought I'd just tackle one issue at a time, and hopefully get answers in reletaivly laymen terms to help both myself and others who may come to this forum.

Current situation:

The set-up im currenty applying the DRPA to (don’t laugh…its just for home practice so yeah, cheap and nasty) is a small alto speaker and 2 x behringer B215A powered speakers. No sub. The music is acoustic only, one guitar, one vocal.

Behringer B215A powered speakers frequency range = 55Hz - 20kHz

Gain Structure:

Ok my first question is about gain structure. I have read a lot about how to set up a system, however it mostly applies to those with separate amps and speakers. To start me off, could I just get a quick overview for the gain set-up for if your running powered speakers. (I know it shouldn't be hard, but again, I just want to make sure)


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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915

    If you intend to use the three speakers set up a custom 2x3. Use the Hi outs to the BEH speakers and send the left lo out to the Alto speaker. Select the XOVER section and set up a bandpass for the BEH speakers this can be accomplished by simply setting the HPF to 40 hz or so for the hi outs.

    Do the same for the alto's .. I have no info to work with for those speakers...

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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Gain set-up with powered speakers is hard at best. But my experience and from I've seen in the Driveware, is that powered speakers (volume knobs) are typically between 11 & 1 0'clock (40 - 60%).

    Gadget has an excellent idea, that way you have some volume control in the x-over section and PEQ (3 hi, 2 lo) for the 2 sub-systems (not sub woofer).


    PS - 1 question at a time is a good way to get \"more\" help with each topic.
    Have you read the \"welcome\" post in the FAQ section?
    Have you downloaded the 260 Driveware GUI?
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    Sorry guys, i meant a small alto mixer (not speaker....ops!) got to learn to proof read my posts.

    but thanks for the info
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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Ya I try and keep up on new products and I didn't think I any Alto speakers but I thought perhaps they had come out with a monitor speaker or something... never know...

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    Well heres an attempt at what I’ve been doing in laymens terms. Its short and sweet, and I’d like to know if its right.

    1 - Power everything on in proper order

    2 - Turn the speakers down

    2 - Disable all of the DRPA’s

    3 - Set the mixer main input fader to unity (0db)

    4 - Play pink noise through the mixer with channel input fader and overall main input faders at unity (0db)

    5 - Turn up speakers until they clip then bring back.

    One question I have is the +4/-10 switch, which setting is this meant to be on?

    I also don’t understand what the ground lift switch does, should this be in or out.

    Again thanks for all the advice.
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Alto does make speakers. At least they make an inclusive system, like the Fender Passport. I have heard that Alto is made by Yorkville, and that the system sounds really nice, like a Hi-Fi system.

    Couple of things...
    Set channel input fader to -0-, set main output fader to -0-, THEN, turn the channel input gain knob up until mains meters are -0-.

    This next one kind of depends on how well your limiters limit. Set the mains to bumping RED on the meters, THEN turn up you speaker to a hard (mostly on) limit. This mostly depends on if you want to cruise (no limiting) at -0- and only want limiting above and into the red. Lots of personal preference here.

    +4/-10 Look in your mixer manual. It will tell you on the SPEC page what it's output is. It is probably +4. What ever it is, match the DRPA to it. If you mismatch them, you may gain or lose \"gain\" and gain or lose \"noise\".

    Ground lift - used if you have a bad hum, usally from running power from different sources (circuits). And no, it won't always help.

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