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DRPA 2 - Setup

jaredkranzjaredkranz Posts: 12
edited September 2007 in PA Configuration Wizard
Like many I am having trouble using the DRPA to its full ability. I can manage to get a decent sound out of it but am unsure of many aspects, and think that I am probably not using it too its full potential. Rather than just ask for over-all help and giving you my setup and asking for directions, I thought I'd just tackle one issue at a time, and hopefully get answers in reletaivly laymen terms to help both myself and others who may come to this forum.

Current situation

The set-up im currenty applying the DRPA to (don’t laugh…its just for my home practice kit so yeah, cheap and nasty) is a small alto mixer and 2 x behringer B215A powered speakers. No sub. The music is acoustic only, one guitar, one vocal.

Behringer B215A powered speakers frequency range = 55Hz - 20kHz

My first question concerned Gain structure for powered speakers which you can find here :- http://www.dbxpro.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=3554#3554

Heres an attempt at what I’ve been doing for gain structure in laymens terms. Its short and sweet, and I’d like to know if its right.

1 - Power everything on in proper order
2 - Turn the speakers down
2 - Disable all of the DRPA’s
3 - Set the mixer main input fader to unity (0db)
4 - Play pink noise through the mixer with channel input fader and overall main input faders at unity (0db)
5 - Turn up speakers until they clip then bring back.

My next question regards the seaker Set-up:

Since im only running 2 speakers for the moment I need a 2x2 setup.

When I go into the configuration wizard and set the subs and mids as none, I still get 2x4 (or whatever the program was initially using) which also means I have crossover settings for 2x4.

My question is, the only program that runs a 2x2 is number 3, so if I want to set up a 2x2 scenario, do I always have to start with this program as a template. (And the same for other configurations).


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Speaker config - That doesn't sound right. For your first speaker selection, are you selecting Custom & Passive, then Sub & None? If not, do.

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    Yes, i select no sub at all, and i dont select the bi-amped speaker setting for mids.

    all my speakers are set at custom
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Indulge me.
    I just went out and programmed your setup. I'll do my best to get everything right.

    1-With scroll knob select the program # that you wish to use.
    2-Press \"Wizard\" button.
    3-Scroll to \"System Set-up\"
    4-Press scroll knob
    5-Scroll to \"Stereo Linked\"
    6-Press \"Next PG\"
    7-Speaker selection - Scroll all the way to the very end (it will say \"Custom - Bi-amp\" then scroll back 1 place to \"Custom - Passive\"
    8-Press \"Next PG\"
    9-Scroll to Sub - \"None\"
    10-Press \"Next PG\"
    11-Scroll to your amp (\"Custom\")
    12-Press \"Next PG\"
    13-Press the scroll knob to load.

    When complete the screen will display 2x2. Make sure that you are not asked to select more than 1 amp.
    GOOD LUCK! Let me know how it goes.

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