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DRPA 3 - Auto EQ

jaredkranzjaredkranz Posts: 12
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DRPA 3 - Auto EQ

Like many I am having trouble using the DRPA to its full ability. I can manage to get a decent sound out of it but am unsure of many aspects, and think that I am probably not using it too its full potential. Rather than just ask for over-all help and giving you my setup and asking for directions, I thought I'd just tackle one issue at a time, and hopefully get answers in reletaivly laymen terms to help both myself and others who may come to this forum.

Current situation

The set-up im currenty applying the DRPA to (don’t laugh…its just for my home practice kit so yeah, cheap and nasty) is a small alto mixer and 2 x behringer B215A powered speakers. No sub. The music is acoustic only, one guitar, one vocal.

Behringer B215A powered speakers frequency range = 55Hz - 20kHz


Running the auto EQ I get mixed results, so I have a few questions.

1 Where and how do I put the mic, reletive to the speakers. Should it be placed where a vocal mic would normally be, and should it be placed facing the speakers, or straight up?

2 With regard to \"pink noising\" the room. Do I need a separate sound source (eg a pink noise sound file on my ipod) as sometimes I can turn the level right up on the drive rack before it ask me to set the performing level. Also, if I use a separate source, for pink noising, do I need to plug the device (in this case my ipod) into the speaker as the driverack doesn't seem to work while pink noising

3 How much does the eq change from an empty room. For example, if eq the room when its empty, and then people arrive, and suddenly its full, how much does this effect the sound?

4 How effectivly does the auto eq prevent the need for using the hi and low eq's on the speakers etc (except for personal taste)?

5 Finally, in regards again to pink noising the room, is there any method that doesn't require constant loud noise to auto eq a room, as there would be situations where the room is full before you start and I don’t exactly want to blast people with a wave of static before a gig (though it may be a good way to be remembered)

Thanks again guys


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    1) Go to FAQ >Auto-EQ
    2) The DRPA does not have a true RTA. To Auto-EQ you MUST use the pink noise in the DRPA. When the Auto-EQ is engaged the DRPA is \"bypassed\" because it is the sound source then.
    3) People are sound absorbers and wave cutters. The sound can get better or worse from the set-up. However, most often feedback typically lessons (unless then all hum a not that resonates in the room, ha).
    4) See #1

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