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Driverack PA with PEAVEY SP-1s & 118s HELP!

cruzancowboycruzancowboy Posts: 14
edited October 2007 in Connectivity
Here is what I have....
pair of peavey SP-1s for tops
pair of peavey sp-118s for bottoms
Driverack PA
1 crown CE1000 for the highs
1 crown CE1000 for the mids
1 crown CE2000 for the lows
Attempting to go three way sending the highs and mids on speakon cable to the tops out of the CE1000s
Highs and Mids are all screwed up
Vocals getting buried in the mix
I think the crossover settings are the problem
Should I even try the three way set up with what I have?
Should I go two way?
Please HELP!


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Do you have the DRPA or 260?
    For you to bi-amp the SP1's you will need an RTA mic to tune the sytem properly. If you do not, or until you get one, you should run them passive. In the mean time go to the 1st section of the forum and read all the posts there.
    Good luck.

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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Dra, he's got the PA...I have some of those cabs and I have good luck with a Crossover of 2K (minimum if 1800 hz for longevity sake) on the horn driver. use an LR 24 filter. Given the limited power you have I'd cross @ 108.1 @ LR24. The Driver is a good 8-10 DB hotter than the BW 15 so you'll have to balance that with the amp volume controls, or the crossover gain. Cross the subs @ 105.1 @ LR 24, and set a hipass of 45 hz@ BW 18. Delay will probably end up around 8.5 ms for the 15\" and 7.5 - 8 ms for the horns. As for PEQ's the speakers vary with driver and you'll have to do soem experimenting, and as Dra says the Mic can help with that...

    And as he states read up.
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    Is it possible with what I have to Tri-amp the system?
    The Sp-1s have a Biamp mode with the use of the Speakon cable.
    Is it possible to send the Highs and mids to the top speaker and the lows to the Sp-118s? We are attempting this now...but I think we have something set wrong within the DRPA. Any guidance with this?
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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915

    1. Bridge the CE 2000 use 1+ and 2+ on the amp end of the speakon cable...mark it AMP end sub, on the other end 1+ and 1- and you'll need a 1+ 1- (both ends )jumper cable you will use only the channel \"A\" /left input the other is set to -0- or off...

    2. For the tops, on the speaker end:
    1+ and 1- to the woofer and 2+ and 2- to the Horn. This is accomplished by using a 4 wire cable, or 2, 2 wire runs of cable. See this web site:
    http://www.neutrik.com/client/neutrik/m ... 103905.pdf

    On the amp end, the 1+ and 1- wires need to go to the 1+and 1- outs of the crown amp (CE1000) that is designated Mids amp... So thats left 15\" to channel A /Left CE 1000, and the same for Right 15\" channel B/Right (CE 1000 mids amp)

    The Left horn wire run will hook up to the CE1000 designated Hi's amp, left out and will also be hooked to the 1+and 1- of the amp... follow this for the Right channel as well.

    This is then a 2X5 setup and in the wizard and you will set up as such.

    Hi outs Left and Right to the CE1000 amp designated Hi outs
    Mid outs L&R go to the CE 1000 designated Mid outs
    and the Left MONO out of the DRPA goes to the Bridged CE2000

    Note ... the CE1000 on the horns is overkill... but the other amps are UNDER powered...follow my setup post for the rest of the setup..
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    The only problem I am seeing, unless I am reading it wrong, is the SP-1 has only ONE speakon jack on the back of the speaker. So the problem is how to separate the Highs and Mids using the method you suggested.
    I have to be able to do it with only ONE cable coming from the amps to the top speakers.
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    I think I have it all set for the most part now. I set up the dbx to a custom setting for the speakers at a flat response. My mids are real;ly present now which is really pushing that vocal out there. I think If I had some crossover settings for the peavey SP-1X and SP-118X I could make sound even better. The whole crossover thing seems so confusing in the program. I just dont know where to plug the numbers in.
    Thanks to all who helped with getting me on my way again.
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Cowboy, In one of the referred posts we steered you to it recommended that you download the Driveware GUI. Do that, then open up the 260 and set up your system there. Play with the x-over and you will \"see\" better what the number all mean and do. There is a tutorial there as well to get you started (if you need it). Gadget has given you the points and even the delay times above.

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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Ok, are those the old \"W\" bin with the big butt cheek horns? If so I cannot ever remember them coming out with a speakon connector... IF they have the speakon NL4, and IF they are even set up for BI amping, the NL4 has 4 contacts internally. pins 1+and 1- go to the woofer, pins 2+and 2- go to the horn driver...so typically 1, 4 wire cable is all thats needed...you could however use two, two wire cables to the same effect. You may be able to tell by reading the crossover info off the plate that the speakon is in, or you may have modified ones that someone has put speakon's in... remove the crossover plate and see where the wires go...

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