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DBXDRPA W/ Peavey Versaray

ktmriderktmrider Posts: 6
edited November 2007 in PA Configuration Wizard
My church purchased a Peavey Versaray system for our church. We have hung everything and have been rusing it with mixed results for nearly a year.

Is anyone using a DRPA with a Peavey Versaray system? I have been struggling with this set up for almost a year. I have heard these speakers sound great but they weren't using a DRPA.

I have had excellent results with my DRPA units with my JBL EON 1500 & M-Pro subs and with my B-52 Pro LX1515/LX18 rigs and even with my B52 Pro Matrix 2000 systems running the Drive Rack Full Range. I can't duplicate these results on the Versaray units.

We are currently powering the the Versaray's with:

Highs-Crown CE1000 for the dual ribbon tweeter
Mids-Crown CE2000 for the 12 driver
Lows-Crown CE2000 for the Versaray 1 X 18 Subs

We plan on switching to Crown XTI amps when money permits.

I was hoping that someone may have some experience using the DRPA with Peavey system. Any help would be appreciated.




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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    I don't have an answer. But, as a second source of feedback try also posting to PSW.
    Try the Peavey site and look for tunings. Even if they are only downloadable to the Peavey controller, there is a GUI that you can download. Then import the data (if available) and write down the info to put into the DRPA (x-over, PEQ, delay, etc).

    Good luck,
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