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New System

HighGainHighGain Posts: 4
edited November 2007 in Connectivity
Howdy all, first time forum user here looking for some quick answers.

Putting together a digital system for HOW contemporary service that will be torn down and put together twice a week. System looks like:

Mackie TT24 w/ R3232
(2) Mackie s408 w/ Mackie M4000 amp
(2) Mackie S410s x/ Mackie M4000 amp

not listing monitors or Aviom as not important to discussion, (I hope).

Question: I've heard great things on the road about the driverack260 and seen great post here about the quality and fine tuning of sound. The above system however has 1 cat5 cable from FOH to deck that cannot be added to, (long story not for this post). I'm sure the rack can be \"set it and forget\" but I'm not really confortable having it on the deck instead of it at FOH. Plus, will I lose some RT funtions by not having it by me. I'm assuming of course, that I can't insert the driverack into the flow before the R3232. No main inserts on the back of the TT24 so I figure it would have to be on the deck, before the amps. Is it worth budeting the driverack 260 in this application?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915

    Here is what I would suggest...

    Tascam DM4800... half the price of the TT way more stable, (since Mackie went offshore their quality has gone to the dogs...) Better sound quality, all the bells and whistles already onboard...This saves enough money to get the DR4800 which has everything the 260 has and a LOT more AND has digital ins and outs, with a far superior GUI system...I'm serious there are horror stories on the net about the TT24... I won't own one...

    Also, I would consider the Yorkville U500 series tops, and LS subs.. both self powered and in the same price category. You will have FAR superior sound, FAR better portability, and stability of the system.. you'll be a hero!

    If your set on the TT24 why not get the Lake Contour plugin?

    Just some thoughts..

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    Thanks for the quick response. I've seen the bad remarks on the TT24, but as many good ones also. The price range for TT24 with the R3232 is what mainly pushed me that way. I considered the new VMixer from Roland, though in talking to a rep, they had no plans for expansion on the board from the way he talked. I haven't explored the Tascam but I'll take a look at it.

    I'm trying to stay away from powered subs, as the Mackie 1501's have to be disasembled now to get them to ship oversea's for travel (this system will also travel on student choir tours) so it's much easy to travel with an amp rack and passive subs.

    I saw that the Lake processing card was out there though haven't explored it. With only 2 exp. bays, the net card and the DSP card will fill those up, so no room for it. I have to have the DSP on 36 channels, or I will end up traveling with an FX rack and the second purpose of this system is to consolidate the loads for travel.

    I'd be eager to hear more from you.

    Thanks, Steve
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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Where are you located? I have seen the Tascam unit @ NSL for under $4000..has all the bells and whistles and 64 inputs.. all the goodies fully assignable busses...pretty attractive..

    I assume you have the Mackie speakers then, if not the U500's have a the unity horn that is so sweet on vocals...? Yorkville and others have some nice subs that are UN powered also...I would like to caution you about the TT.. I wouldn't risk my shows and reputation on it...

    Also the Yamaha LS6 would make a better choice than the TT..I'm NOT sold on mackie any more.. too many problems and the support now is really spotty.. not good...

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    Sorry for the delay in the response. Weekend.......WooHoo.......

    I've got the Mackie speakers budgeted, and have been satisfied with the 450's we have, though I like the dispersion pattern of the new 408's. With a portable system for a fan shaped auditorium they look great on paper, I plan on making a trip to listen in RL before I make the decision. I've looked at the LS9-16, though I like having 24 faders on the frame vs. having to page to get 17-24. I don't have the budget to move up to the 32. Plus, a key factor is the cat5 out with one wire to the stage. It's imperative to keep that configuration. I can do it with Yamaha, but with the expense of the digital box, Plus the yamaha mixer, I'm over budget.

    So, with that begin said, and the Mackie is not a definate, it just meets the requirements I need at the budget time, can I use, or would you still suggest the driverack for pa management. I don't think I can use it in this scenario and keep it at FOH.

    thanks for all the input Gadget.

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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    I would once again like to caution you that the build quality on the Mackie stuff has taken a severe hit! I have intimate knowledge that the U500 series are incredible and that you REALLY should at least try and hear them before you make the purchase decision. If vocal clarity and intelligibility are on ANY of your wish lists.. this speaker will EXCEED your expectations. Know also that pattern control is above average.. to say the least. They come with the unconditional thumbs up (both) of Mikey, our resident \"SMAART\" technician/sound installation engineer.. I am proud to say that I introduced him to them... and he is very pleased with them... and if he is... then that is as close to a \"WOW\" as your going to get from him.. He was specking the Danley sound speaker system (UUFDA... BIG bucks!) and the money fell through and he was totally satisfied with the U500 series in their place...

    As for the Mixer.. I REALLY think you need to check out the Tascam DM4800 and the DR4800.. THAT would be the BOMB system...@ NSL they are like $3500-3800! UNDER $5000 with all the bells and whistles...

    Again, I DON\"T like MACKIE, JBL or BOSE... that is a documented fact! So take that for what it's worth...It isn't that I don't see any benefit to the technology, I just don't see any accountability for the companies...they will not answer technical questions, equipment performance issues, or operational problems of any kind...???This should dispel any doubt that I am in any way associated with the US government, OR Harmon International...which just took a huge hit when the company buyout fell apart. Harmon Co's are not dealing from a position of strength at this time. I think it's wrong for those companies to be so aloof that they won't respond to problems and criticisms. When performance falls far below the spec's, the system should be re-evaluated. JBL SRX systems (the ones tested anyway 722, series) were completely incapable of coming close to their performance specs. They even had dissimilar drivers...? After much hassle (for the significance of the issue) They provided 2 new drivers that were unable to reproduce anything at, or above 12khz. That is the measured spec, the written spec says 81-20khz +- 3db...bullshit! I will say no more...

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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Alright Gadget. Nice slow breathes..... now go to your happy place... Labsub mountains, 4800 Driverack orchards, 3000w @ 8ohms stereo power amps and stable to .0025ohms that weigh just under 3 lbs that grow in a crimson field of clover. That right. Good boy.

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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Saving one sound tech at a time from ignominy and ridicule...is that to much to ask :?: :?
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