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I am having a few issues with FFT in Smaartlive6

GrievousAngelGrievousAngel Posts: 2
edited December 2007 in 400 Series Software Control
I am new to SmaartLive 6 and a few questions:

1. often after I have started FFT (Freq- Magitude) and then stop it, i find that the trace(s) are not present. if i restart Windows of course it runs with traces present. i do not have this when using RTA functions.

2. is it common that the Magitude trace is very faint and hard to see? is there a way to make the trace darker?

3. it is common practice to 'capture' and then 'load' the FFT static trace(s) so you can make EQ adjustments then run it again, but do ya'll often use the live FFT trace? again i have trouble seeing the live resulting FFT trace.

4. also, sometimes i see the Ref trace but no the Meas trace, why is this? is there a 'switch' that 'turns on' the Meas trace? i am assuming the FFT is done in background in near 'real time', is this correct?

5. is there a good example of using the FFT to EQ a sound sytem? i am planning to use the DBX 482 for the default room tuning (saved) and then use the Klark-Teknik DN360 to make changes from gig to gig. as ya'll can see, i am having trouble applying the FFT in real practice.

is this approach OK:

1. use RTA with direct sound (~10' from speaker grills) as Meas and apply Xover & PEQ (482) to flatten the pink noise trace as much as possible.


2. use Impluse and FFT to check polarity of 2-way + dual sub system drivers also time align HF drivers to LF drivers. should i then align the subs to the LF drivers?

3. using FFT - Magitude with Ref mic placed centered between the left and right stacks (4x4) ~ 25' back (critcial listening distance) to obtain data to make graphic EQ & notch filter changes in the 482.

4. use RTA to ccheck system for feedback with max SPL levels.

then listen.

5. should i use pink noise to start and then use a studio cut as Ref also? do ya'll ever run FFT with Ref mic @ FOH location?

all suggestions are very welcome,



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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Unless Mikey is lurking you most likely will find little help with SMAART here... EAW is the purveyor of SMAART, and they have a forum for this purpose. Be advised that Mikey thinks that the upgrade to \"6\" was a HUGE downgrade, so if your going to get help... the Prosound web LAB or the SMAART forum will be you best bets.
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