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DRPA With Aux fed sub Question

drumbodrumbo Posts: 3
edited December 2007 in PA Configuration Wizard
Hello all. Fantastic resource for optimizing sound systems. My situation is not unique though I may think it. I play drums in a 3 piece power trio. I like to call it a \"microwave\" set up. I recently added a DRPA in to the mix and am happy with the results so far. I do have a few questions, answers or suggestions I can't seem to glean from all of the archives seen here.
To cut to the chase:
Bass, Guitar & Drums 2 vocals.
Allen & Heath WZ3 16 channel mixer
2-Mackie SW1801 Powered subs run mono
2-JBL Eon G2 Powered 15\" w/horn set on poles atop of subs run stereo
2-JBL Eon 10\"w/horn for vocal \"spots\"
Prior to the driverack I opted to run with the \"aux fed\" Sub feature on the Allen & Heath. I did this to \"bump\" the bass guitar & kick drum without it getting all jiggity in the whole system and to have control of the instruments hitting the subs. The A & H has good EQ and the sub bass is simple and adds the necessity of a fader to drive the subs. Necessity IS the mother of invention.
My Question(s): What is the best configuration here? Would just a full range output w/ the sub bass from my mixer be the most efficient? Or as I describe below stereo full range w/ mono sub then re-patch the sub to the aux feed back on the mixer?
Or??What if.... scratch the stereo full range and run mono Could I run the Aux feed (sub) into the L side of DRPA and the Mono signal to the R? Then output mono full range and mono sub? could it would it work like this? what would be the advantages?
I don't wish to add complications...remember to keep it simple I am a drummer.
my experience so far:
When I first \"pinked\" a small venue I had the subs out from the low & the Eons outputted from the high outs of the DRPA. This was done custom mono sub w/Eon G2 profiles. Now to utilize the aux feed sub, I had to unplug the low output and patch it back to the mixer....Are you seeing my dilemma?
I did this and it was an improvement on our usual sound...I played my ipod and it sounded pure kickass. I saved the setting and have gone back to it as a reference. I have not checked crossover or high pass so am clueless as to where those points lie. Plus i just scrolled through the other menu's afs eq in the wizard and did not change anything.
I tried pinking again in a different room and the resulting sound was wimpy and almost dissappointing. I did not take notes but I profiled it to what equipment I have. So I dialed up my first \"patch\" and it sounded great again!
Without a soundman we get a fat punchy sound and set up & tear down is rediculously fast...like under an hour instruments and all. Less is more.
any suggestions will be appreciated.


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    I don't know a lot about aux fed subs (never done it), but you can't run Mains and Subs thru the DRPA, because the L & R inputs are linked in the x-over section (for 1). You'll have to do it exactly the way you did it before, except patch in the DRPA for the Mains. The subs will have to be manipulated (EQ, BBE, etc) elsewhere, plus another crossover, which you should have since you did it before.

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    Thank You!
    Much help and advise is noted. I will keep on trying different things and hopefully share how I approach this situation.
    Merry Christmas!
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