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A Very Difficult Old Configuration

drakodiurnodrakodiurno Posts: 3
edited January 2008 in PA Configuration Wizard
Hi my name's Miguel I’m from México and I’m a new user from the Driverack PA, I have some questions for all the people here and I’ll hope that someone can help me. Firstly sorry for my English I’m not very well, anyway I have a little band and we already bought the Driverack PA and we are trying to have the best approach.

As I told you, we are new in this business so we don't have very good equipment I have the next

2 JBL sub-woofer speakers 2241H per side, I mean 2 in the right and 2 in the left, in a box Cerwin – Vega; Vega! Bass
2 JBL loudspeakers 2226H per side, in a box JBL SR4726X
2 JBL drive per side, I really don’t now the model
1 Power MX QSC 1500 for the subwoofers (Low)
1 Power Peavey CS1000 for Loudspeakers (Mid)
1 Power Peavey CS800 for Drivers (High)
1 Mixer Peavey XR 1600D
1 BBE 862 Sonic Maximizer
1 Drive Rack PA
1 COMPRESSOR ALESIS 3630 (only wanted to use for the gate)

So, as you can see most of my equipment are old, so I have some questions to this forum:

1. And the most important, What’s is the correct for to connect all my devices, and what’s you’re opinion about use the Alesis 3630 only for the gate and how can I use it only the gate and the compressor use the DriveRack Pa Compressor, I mean, there are a way to only use the gate in the alesis
2. When I tried to use the Wizard for the DriverRack, I don’t know what kind of equipment select to have the best approach, I mean, can you help to chose the most equal equipment in the DriveRack to configured with my equipment in stead to have the best approach
3. I don’t know how to use de XOVER to have the best approach to the Low, Mid and High frequency

Really I appreciated your help, and thanks for your time, my msn is escritmen@hotmail.com is you want to add me and talk more about this issues

Thanks in Advance



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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    1. Do NOT use the BBE, do NOT use the compressor! use the limiter only...
    2. What do you want to gate? certainly NOT the whole mix? the kick and lo tom perhaps?
    3. Use the wizard, 2x6, all custom speakers and amps.
    4. Sub hipass @ 46.8 hz BW 18, Lopass @ 111.4 hz LR24
    5. Mids hipass @ 118hz LR24. Lopass @ ( if it's a 1 inch exit horn, LR24 @1800hz, if its a 2\" exit LR24 try1000 hz ) (this is NOT the voice coil diameter of the driver, but the hole coming out of the horn itself...)
    6. Driver Hipass, 1000hz @ LR24
    7. Read the \"welcome\" read me before posting before you ask any more questions...
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777

    First get your system set up as Gadget suggests and read the posts in the first section of this forum.

    Then, you can use the BBE and Alesis as channel inserts for vocals or instrament tweeking.

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    Gadget (Or anyone how can help me),

    Thanks for your comments, as you told me, I have been reading the different areas in this forum including “welcome�, but as I told you I new in all these topics and configurations so I would like to ask you some more questions:

    1.Why you said that Don’t use the BBE?, I understand that this component is to maximize the Bass, and if I don’t use it, how can I do the same with the DRPA
    2.I’m not going to use the compressor only the limiter, and as I told you I have the COMPRESSOR ALESIS 3630 who was a GATE, I use this component only the gate I think so, as you know when no sound is playing the gate is closed and this is because if I don’t use the gate all the time I heard a sound like this SSSShhhhhhhhhh,
    3.I was thinking in use the configuration 2x6, and I don’t know if I can use the next configuration in stead to have a custom configuration:
    a.JBL Sub-Woofer 2241H = SR4719X
    b.JBL Loudspeakers 2226H with the Drive = SR4726X
    c.MX QSC 1500 = QSC RMX1850HD
    d.Peavey CS1000 = Peavey PV1500
    e.Peavey CS800 = Peavey PV900

    So, I would like your opinion about these configuration, or please let me know how can I uses the Custom Way, I understand that it need to be manually but I don’t know how to do it, and I didn’t understand the links who have information about that

    Kind Regards
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    I know that you do not have the Driverack 260 but download the Driveware and play with it on your computer. There is also a tutorial for the driveware that will walk you though a lot of your questions. The Driveware program will help you see what you are doing in the cross-over section. Go to the http://www.dbxpro.com/Download/ tab above (Driverack traing modules).

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