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DBX PX - Use for powered monitors?

edited February 2008 in Connectivity
We currently run 6 monitor mixes from our FOH desk and are looking for a way to simplify the processing of those mixes.

The monitors are all powered speakers so no need for x-overs, etc. just saw the new DBX PX which would do the job if it can handle two seperate mixes on the Left and Right inputs.

If I've understood the available information correctly it seems to apply the eq, AFS, etc uniformly to both inputs.

Does anyone have a view on how well this would this work?

I would obviously be looking to aquire 3, so would I be better off with another solution from the driverack range given the money we're talking about?



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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Well I've only seen preliminary info, and no manual is available yet but I assume it is based off the PA platform. I have questions in for clarification to the powers that be, so until then here is what we know ... mostly for certain.(chuckle)
    1. Stereo GEQ in front that is linkable. So you should have the capability of individual GEQ per speaker input in 'unlinked' or stereo.

    2. At this point it would seem from the Block diagram of the PA that AFS notch, Sub harmonic, and compressor/limiter are all summed stereo so independent control of each channel is not possible

    3. As far as it looks the PEQ's are tied together as well, but with 2 mixes per PX the HI, and Mid outs could be employed for a separate PEQ set per speaker...The Hi outs would have 3 PEQ's but no LPF, the Mid outs have 2 PEQ's but have an LPF

    4. The unit comes with the RTA \"M\" mic (in a neat little pouch)

    So, three units would be required, the above information would be the limitations and as long as they would work for you then yes.. happy monitoring...

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