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Consumer-level inputs - Gain settings?

JonFoJonFo Posts: 10
edited May 2008 in 4800 General Discussion
I plan to feed the outputs of a consumer level pre-amp into the 4800, going through some Jensen transformers (1:1) first to reduce hum and go from single-ended (RCA) to Balanced (XLR).
I've been feeding a DR260 this way for years quite effectively.

But with my new 4800, we now have more analog gain settings available and was wondering what the members would recommend as a good setting for this configuration.

Any other tips for this type of config would also be welcome.



  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Well, with no idea what the output level of the preamp is, and given a 1:1 transformer I might suggest that you use the input meters to set the gain so that you have somewhere in the area of 9db with a peak of 6db. That should provide sufficient headroom. In most cases with Pro level gear with a crest factor in the +22- +28 db area, I find that when using the GUI to affect changes(the meter balistics are much more accurate than the front panels) that -0-db on the gain control is a good place to start. With consumer gear there are some pieces that have low output, but generally around 12-13 db below pro gear. I would hook it up and get the levels on the input meters as specified above. See how that sounds, and do a little experimenting to see if there is a better solution. The 4800 sounds amazing and using good gain structure procedures will avail you of all the benefits of the processor.

  • JonFoJonFo Posts: 10
    Thanks Gadget, appreciate the pointers.

    I'm still curious about the multiple analog input scale setting the DR4800 has, so I'll start is +16 on input and +8 on output as I do the gain management setup.

    The outputs must be routed through resistor banks, as I hear relays clicking in the 4800 when switching output levels in the config panel.

    The pre is rated for Std consumer 1V outputs, with an impeadance of 100 Ohms.
  • JonFoJonFo Posts: 10
    I got my DR 4800 installed and setup. And man, what a great piece of gear this thing is.

    With respect to gain matching, I just love the new selections.

    I used 14 dBu on inputs and 12 dBu on outputs and that mates just fine with the consumer gear I have.

    Here is a thread on the MartinLogan Owners forum describing my experience and setup of this unit in my high-end home theater: ... 543&page=6

    The link is to the page where I talk about the DR, but you might want to check-out the whole thing plus some links for details on how I use DR's to do crossovers on my MartinLogan Electrostats.
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Very nice...I have a much simpler system, but it sound amazing as well...I have a Pioneer Elite receiver with Infinity RS1's and a Sunfire True subwoofer... I also have Nakamichi, and Thorens...but NOTHING like what you have! I spend the majority of my discretionary income on the essentials... MORE POWER... :lol: Recording and Live sound gear...I'd love to her that system!

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