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Problem with data knob

augustaky1augustaky1 Posts: 2
edited June 2008 in Front Panel
When I use the data knob (Driverack PA - sorry about that. I thought is was in the Driverack PA forum) to attempt to change any parameter (program selection or any value) the screen value/selection is very erratic. It will change from no effect to large changes, to actually large changes from - to + or vice versa.
My question - is this a known problem and possibly repairable or is it on its way to complete failure? I know that is an open ended question, but thought I would ask just in case.


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    I have seen that on units that have taken a hit to the rotary encoder...It's repairable but ...call tech support Monday and get an RA# and get it fixed...

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