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Jensen transformers

sdsd Posts: 7
edited August 2008 in 4800 General Discussion
I have the DR260, and I think it is great. I am thinking about upgrading my home HiFi system from the DR260 to the DR4800, mostly because I am running a 4 way system, and because of the \"autowarm\" function in the DR4800. I wonder what about the Jensen transformers.
My DR260 is placed between my Primare Pre-amplifier and my six LabGruppen ip450 poweramp's, four off them running in bridge mode. The connection cables are about 3 ft long, and as it is now, I have no noise problems. Would it be to any advantage for me to buy the version with the Jensen transformers?
How loud is the ventilator on the dr4800, compared to the ventilator in a PC. Would it be audible in a livingroom setup?
The DR260 is absolutely silent when turned on and off. How about the dr4800, any on-off pops? Should I turn it on and off, when I want to listen to music, or should I leave it turned on all the time?
If I buy the DR4800 in the USA, will it run on 230V, as the european version does, or is it a different version?
Svend Dirksen, Copenhagen, Denmark.


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    I'll start with the power requirements of the 4800. Unlike the 260, DRPA, or 480(which spec a different unit for Europe and Asia one that has the appropriate transformer...The 4800 would seem to benefit from the newer power supply's that can take anything from 100-240VAC 50/60hz. Smart power supplies, capable of great flexibility, and modest power requirements (read,\" FAR greater efficiency\"). Usable the world over...

    The sonic footprint of the 4800 is minimal..in other words it is pretty much transparent. Meaning, some processors have a \"hype\" in certain areas that can be perceived as \"warm\" or \"Thick\" , or \"open and airy\". Some have coloration that is \"perceivable\", and that isn't desirable. The 4800 is like having \"nothing\" that does \"everything\". I can tell you that after I put it on my monitor system I found the difference to be instantly perceivable..I admit I went to bi-amp mode, but the speakers were the same ones with the passive crossovers replaced by the DR4800. I also tri-amp the drum Drum monitor (using an external sub crossover for the sub duty... drum fill) It really made a huge difference in the volume capability and the clarity of the system overall..It is wonderful... and the tools, are awesome..I didn't \"need\" anything psycho acoustic added, it sounded wonderful. (your mileage may very...GIGO ((garbage in..garbage out)) applies here)

    I guess I'm not able to answer you about the \"Psycho-acoustic\" processors.. I don't use them...I suppose I could, but are you telling me your \"Home system\" needs midrange warmth? The transformers have a sound of there own. Accurate speakers will reveal a lot about the music. If there isn't any problem with the 260, the 4800 should be even more transparent... In a system that is for critical listening, \"character\" isn't important or wanted. analytical sound is the target. accurate reproduction of the source signal... whatever it may be... As for the turn off thump...I already addressed that concern with the power supply issue...Believe me... when you hear the 4800 you will see that the 260 has a \"sound\" a 'character' of it's own... not bad...but there's something there. The 4800 isn't even in a class of equipment that would tolerate ANY major issue much less \"turn off thump\"...

    Use the tutorial and view the Hi-Qnet 4800 GUI ... it's amazing.. If you had amps that were Hi-Q capable you could automatically interface with the 4800 and monitor parameters and modify them from the computer screen..

  • sdsd Posts: 7
    I've got the 4800 now, up and running. I never imagined the difference to be that great! The sound is just fantastic! All the attac and crystal clear sound i missed before... :D
  • JonFoJonFo Posts: 10
    sd wrote:
    I've got the 4800 now, up and running. I never imagined the difference to be that great! The sound is just fantastic! All the attac and crystal clear sound i missed before... :D


    The 4800 is a superior product, truly worthy of us in the fines audiophile systems as well.

    I have mine fronted by the awesome new Denon AVP-A1HD Pre-Pro, so it's fed balanced signals, and the noise floor is inaudible.

    AutoWarmth is worth the price of admission in a home setting.
    It's competitive with the Audyssey Dynamic EQ in my preamp.

    The areas where the DriveRack falls short of the Audyssey in the Denon are the mids and highs. Audyssey is just plain more cohesive using the IIR filters.
    The time-domain accuracy of IIR is what helps out here. Maybe a future DBX can implement IIR based filters for the highs.

    However, since IIR is less effective in low-frequency regions, I still have the 4800 do the Sub and low bass EQ using its FIR parametric filters.

    The combo of the two in myacoustically treated, custom designed A/V roomis beyond words... :D
  • JonFoJonFo Posts: 10
    Oh, on the Jensens, I still find that they help mate up unbalnced consumer gear to the DR's.

    So even on the 4800, which has highly tunable gain managmeent, I did use Jensens between my Meridian and the 4800 (untill I got a balanced Pre, the Denon).

    I now happen to have three Jensen DM-2RX available :wink:

    these are 1:1 transformers with RCA inputs / XLR outputs
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