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Cable Basics

boogiefingers2boogiefingers2 Posts: 4
edited July 2008 in Connectivity
I have a 215 EQ that I need to split the mono XLR output into stereo TRS so that my drummer can have a monitor mix in both ears, while using the Roland TD-20 brain.

I'm running a mic cable from the EQ into a XLR female that converts to TRS. The TRS goes into the \"Mix In\" on the Roland brain.

Pin #2 is hot. Can I just terminate either pin 1 or 3 on the first mic cable send and then jump pin #2 to that pin, thus splitting the signal?

Can't remember if pin 1 or 3 is also hot when running stereo.

thanks for the help.


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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    edited July 2008
    ISH... 215 EQ are less than useless... Carpet Bombers! Kill everything... :evil:

    Rant off...

    Ok, modern equipment is
    Pin 1 SHIELD
    pin 2 HOT or (+)
    pin 3 negative or Signal (-)

    All audio signals require (+) and (-) shield is optional...
    in some cases where hum is present, lifting the shield @ either end may help, but the + and - NEED to be there for it to work (sometimes the shield can act as the (-) but it's not a good idea...

    further, you CANNOT turn a mono signal into a stereo one... dual mono perhaps... but :roll:

    SO if you wanted to (Y) the output of one of the channels of the (carpet bomber) EQ you would still need both signals to come off the + pin 2 and both negatives to come off pin 3...of the XLR. This proceedure can cause problems BTW with loading on the channel... your mileage may vary, and I really don't understand your question... TRS and XLR are BOTH balanced signals...BTW on the TRS the TIP is HOT or (+).

    This, BTW is a DRIVERACK forum, you just happen to get a bunch of people who know audio in general...

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    thanks for the help Gadget. Yes, I meant that I was trying to split to dual mono. I was runing from the EQ XLR (mic cable) out and conecting to a female XLR with a 1/4\" TRS/Stereo that the TD20 accepts as an input. Here's what I did and it seems to work and is clean...

    Male end: disconnected the wire on pin 3 alltogether. added a jump wire from pin 2 to pin 3 so the signal is split dual mono. The male connects to the (f) XLR that terminates as a 1/4\"TRS. I found a wiring diagram online. I believe this basically is running the signal from the EQ in parallel???

    I had a Furman EQ that split the signal (for monitor mix) from the unit. With the 215, my drummer was only receiving signal on the left side of his in ears. thus the reason I was trying to figure out how to \"Y\" the output.

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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    You want BOTH the outputs...there is a LOT of traffic on this issue on the net...and as many opinions as there are posts...I don't have an opinion on the analog side of things since there is so much controversy... get a driverack and do it ALL and then some! This piece will give you 28 bands of GEQ 9 bands of PEQ on 2 inputs ( :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: ) with 6... count em 6 outputs you can configure ANY way you want! AND crossovers, filters, delays, compression, limiting, auto EQ, auto feedback elimination, Sub harmonic synthesization , summing, post xover/filter equalization, input and output mixers, AND PHASE and polarity shifting...all in a one rack space device that altogether would weigh HUNDREDS of pounds and with cabling would cost THOUSANDS of dollars...

    Seems pretty silly to mess with a 15 band GEQ...
    Gadget :idea:
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    So, your drummer is using an electronic set or a click track, etc?
    He wears head phones to hear him self?
    He also wants to hear the monitor mix?
    You have 2 separate mixes (1 in each side of the 215)?
    He wants to hear both?
    He only need the 1, but wants it in both ears?

    IF that is the case, why not go to Radio Shack and get a mono adaptor for your headphones?

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    Ok - now I feel stupid!

    Yes, the drummer is receiving a mono mix into both ears - drums, music and vox.

    The answer was right there in front of my face. I'll go to Radio Shack and get the mono headphone adapter. And to think, I spent all night burning my fingers as I rewired an old mic cable...

    BTW... I am running my mains with the Driverack PA but already had 4 channels of EQs for my monitor mixes. I do plan on purchasing an additional Driverack for monitor mixes.

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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    You have 4 separate monitor mixes?

    Don't know which way you are planning on going, but...
    One DRPA can be used for 2 monitor mixes, but the AFS (FBX) will be common. As well as the PEQs.
    DR260 is a much better solution for not much more money. 2 main advantages: GUI lets you have both GEQ's on the screen and separate AFS (along with everything else).

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