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Need X-Over Settings For Peavey QW System.

stratosticksstratosticks Posts: 8
edited July 2008 in Configuration Wizard
Hey all. The settings I had gotten from this site for my last system worked so well I had to ask for your help again. Here is the new system.

(2) Peavey QW1 Dual 10\" with Horns (Tops)

Frequency response: 200 Hz to 18 kHz
Power handling: 600 watts continuous, 1200 program, and 2400 peak

(2) Peavey QW218 Dual 18\" (Subs)

Frequency response: 47Hz-1.5kHz+/- 3dB anechoic, 40Hz-1.5kHz half space+/- 3dB
Power handling: 1600 Watts continuous, 3200 program, 6400 peak

Each Top has it's own Peavey GPS3500 running 3500 watts @ 4ohms bridged

Each Sub has it's own Peavey CS4080 running 4080 watts @ 8ohms bridged

In the months to come I will have another amp to tri-amp the system and put seperate power into the highs' but this is it for now.

I am using a Driverack PA for my FOH and another unit for my monitors.

We've got way more power than we'll ever use, but it's exciting because I've NEVER been able to say that before!

But on that note also, do I have too much power going into the tops here? I like the headroom but I also don't want to damage our investment.

Thanks so much for your time and help guys.


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Well... I have to tell you I DO NOT like my subs running into the area over 120 hz... they end up sounding honky and nasally...Those subs are completely capable of that response, but as I said...

    Ok, supposing you can make the subs work in that range without sounding HONKY...and I assume that the 120 to 170 hz are will need some serious PEQ work...here is what I would do...

    You didn't specify a platform...so...

    HPF 35hz BW 18...
    LPF 200 hz LR24

    HPF 200 hz (or find a small frequency spread...)

    You will likely need a PEQ for the xover point as well...since the tops are 3db down @ 200 hz...

    If it were me I would have added a lo mid...like the speaker I added to the FAQ section as a DIY project... then you would have a SUPERB system! one that could really knock your fillings loose...

  • It's funny you mentioned you don't like to run your 18's above 120hz because they tend to honk or bark at you. I felt the same way before going with this config, and was leary about having to bring the subs up to that range. I was assured by Peavey that this system would sound great crossed at about 200hz. Tomorrow is the moment of truth when I put it all together and let it speak for itself. I'm hoping for the best.

    What kind of filter should I use to roll of the subs at around 180hz?

    And, am I putting too much power into my tops, risking damaging them?

  • Oops. I meant what type of filter for the high pass on the tops @200hz.
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Sorry, I wrote a piece on that and it's in the FAQ section( What filter type do I choose, and why?) , The jist of it is that you don't want to mix filtertypes at a given crossover point, and since most of us speaker builders and manufacturers have adopted the LR filters, at least for the Sub/Mid xover then use the LR24 filter there as well.. I wouldn't drop it to ...180 hz...though..what processor do you have ? the 260? I hope so there you only need a few hz...like 192.8/204.2... then there is a GEQ band right @ 200hz and I'd bet if you gave that a few db boost.. like 1.5 -3db... but as much as 6db, that that would help the xover and falloff of frequencies...otherwise, on the tops, I'd probably try a low shelf @ 210 hz @ 6db/octave and a 5 db boost...or there abouts... that should help the 3db down @ 200 hz for the tops...

    Well, keep us informed...
    good luck
  • Thanks for all of the usefull info. I put the system together last night, used the tunings you gave me, and set my gain structure. But before we got to that point yesterday we realized the new QW1 boxes couldn't run full range, they HAD to be bi-amped. (the first ones Peavey released had a passive crossover) We were able to get to the store in time before close to pick up a Peavey PV2600 for the highs. So now the power for the tops look like this.

    (2) Peavey QW1 Dual 10\" with Horns (Tops)

    Frequency response: 200 Hz to 18 kHz

    Power handling:
    Mid Section: 600 watts continuous, 1200 program, and 2400 peak

    High Section: 100 watts continuous, 200 program, and 400 peak

    Each Dual 10\" Drivers get its own GPS3500 running 3500 watts @ 4ohms bridged mono

    The (2) Compression Drivers will now share a PV2600 running 550 watts per channel @ 8ohms stereo

    It was late and had to get them up and running, so what I did Gadget, was LPF the Mids at 1.12KHz, with a LR24. The Highs were HPF at 1.18 (LR24).

    I set the inputs on all my amps using these crossover points, and seemed to sound ok at a low volume after a quick RTA (it was 1am and we were in the garage)

    So I'm going to gig tonight and run with these settings, unless I see that you post something to the contrary.

    I'm also gonna work on the low/mid point with some EQ once I get it set up and can listen to it at volume tonight.

    Gadget, thanks for all your help and direction, you're a real asset to this forum.
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    No, that looks fine...There will be some delay from tops to subs, perhaps even from the 10's to the horns.. (I suspect the horn is a little bit deeper than the 10's) (10 ms per foot roughly (.885 actually) ) And there is a 7.5 ms delay in the LR24 filter from tops to subs (delay the tops) so the horn perhaps .23 ms, + the 7.5ms, and the 10's 7.5 ms...(there is a post in the FAQ's where we discuss a better way to determine delay, where you reverse polarize one source (tops or subs) play a frequency equal to the xover in this case 200 hz...and sweep the delay till you get the maximum cancellation.. it won't knock you over but should be discernible...

    Balancing the horns and 10's won't be too difficult...Then when you get real frisky, use the pre crossover delay to back the system up to the loudest thing in the backline... usually the guitars or bass or... in my case the Kick monitor.

  • DraDra Posts: 3,844
    You should be able to download the Peavey controller and the files for your set-up to get the PEQ data and x-over points.

  • Duh!!! I guess I should have read the tuning specs that came with the cab!

    My specs from Peavey read like this...

    Time Offset:
    Mid Frequency: o ms
    High Frequency: o.813 ms

    So...what I'm understanding here is I'm going to add 8.313 ms of delay to my Highs (Peavy's 0.813 + the 7.5 from the LR24), and 7.5 ms of delay to my mids still compensating for the LR24.

    This is what I'll do tonight.

    I'll check back before I leave to see if you've confirmed this.

    Thank you so much once again for your direction.

    P.S. - I read in a previous post you asked for opinions on doing Driverack sessions/seminars. Guitar Center aside, I'd be willing to bet many medium to large music stores would look to aquire you're services as a marketing tool to help sell Driveracks. I'm not sure if you'd make a fortune, but you'd prob be able to visit quite a few cities across the country on someone elses corporate dime.
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    NO NO NO! NOT 8.13.ms... its .813...
    hi's 7.5 ms +.813ms
    mids 7.5 ms

    Good luck.. let us know..
  • I know that it's .813 but .813 + 7.5 = 8.313
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Actually it will end up being 8.21, or 8.40... but you'll figure that out...
  • Used the system last night with all of those settings. I have to say that this is the most amazing FOH I have ever personally used. It has alot to do with the application they're in (we're not trying to fill a theater or anything) but they are superb.

    The amount of headroom is off the charts for me. I don't think we'll ever have this system breathing heavy. I mean, this thing will do 700 people in a club while twiddling it's thumbs.

    I've never been a huge fan of Peavey, but with this QW line, they've really outdone themselves. Being in the price range of EAW LA Series, JBL SRX 700 Series, and EV QRX Series (I've used all these cabs), I'd say they come out on top. The vocals sounded better than with the EV QRX212!!!! (which I've always personally considered to be the best sounding club venue vocal box available)

    The only drawback is the weight and size, but they're worth it.

    I'm gonna try to get to setting up a stack outside this week to tune 'em flat, which I haven't had the chance to do yet, and I'll have a better canvas to work with next time out.

    Gadget you're right, they do need a little work in the 200Hz range, but I have the subs LPF at 160, so I have a little separation and I'm kinda digging the room down there.

    Thanks again for all your help.
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