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Driverack PA to EV Powered main and EV passive subs

MikeyjfMikeyjf Posts: 3
edited June 2011 in Configuration Wizard
Hi all, my first post.
My band plays a couple of shows each summer.
We have the driverack PA and the EV Powered mains Sxa250's
Every time we play we have problems trying to figure out how to set up the Driverack. Normally we rent subs, that is part of the problem because we can never guarantee the same subs each time.
Anyway I was thinking of buying the EV Eliminator I Sub E's to run off left and right of a QSC2450 that I already have.
My local Sam Ash said that there is a patch for EV speakers now but I likely have to send in the Driverack to have the settings put on my machine.
Is that true or are there settings I can use for the aforementioned speakers.



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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    \"Presets\", We don't need no stinking presets...\" The only thing your going to get anyway is a crossover point and a Hipass the do NOT take into consideration what amps you have...Those things can be manually entered in seconds...

    MDF construction? hmmm won't stand up to a lot of abuse I don't think...
    At least 3-6 db down @ 40 hz...they recommend 40-50 hz @ 18db/oct filter.. I
    d start @ 45 hz BW 18, also looks like you would need to set the lopass below the 100 hz point the sub passively crosses...

    You would do well to read the \"Read me first before posting\" section and FAQ\"s because there is a LOT of info there that will help you understand the what and why of the driverack platform.

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    MikeyjfMikeyjf Posts: 3
    Thanks for the prompt reply Gadget.
    Are you suggesting that the EV Eliminator is a bad choice for a sub?
    I didn't realise the were constructed out of MDF, is that what makes them a bad choice?
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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    MDF is pressboard... and yes in my opinion, if they are to be moved around a lot your looking for trouble...If you are handy with tools I have provided a good small do it yourself sub in the FAQ section...

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    Hey can anyone tell me what I shoud set my drive rack Pa xover and compressor / limter for my dj system I'm using?
    I'm currently running 4 Yorkville nx750 powered speakers along with 2 berhinger passive 18 subs , I'm using the crown xti4000 amp for my subs. Any recommended settings I can use?
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    If you are DJ only to might try...
    NX750 - 90hz LR24
    B'ger - 50hz BW18 90hz LR24

    It is very hard to set a limiter on the poweded speakers, so don't.
    The limiter for the subs should be set based on proper gain structure as layed out in the FAQ section.
    Skip compression all together. It can cause damage to speakers.

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