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seperate processor rack or everything together?

dafreakky1dafreakky1 Posts: 7
I just want to ask some of the more experienced people if it will be easier to have 2 seperate racks; 1 for amplifiers and 1 for processing. Or, should I just have everything in one rolling rack.

My rack will consist of the following

1 Driverack260 FOH (2 subs +2 tops)
2 DriverackPA's floor monitors (4 monitors total)
1 Lexicon MX200 effects (capable of 2 effects)
1 Rack Rider Power Conditioner
1 QSC RMX2450 - 2 floor monitors (the other 2 monitors are self powered)
1 QSC PLX3402 (2 tops stereo)
1 QSC MX3000a (2 subs stereo)
My driverack 260 and lexicon effects will be controlled by laptop.


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Are you doing sound from stage? If so no harm done..If you are a sound guy there is a lot to be said for having your system split so you have the Driverack nd efx at the FOH..

    Perhaps if that isn't your situation you might elaborate a bit more...

  • My company provides mainly DJ services but we are getting a lot of requests for live sound lately. I think at this point it will be better to have the amplifiers located a little further away from the FOH tech, because they tend to give off a lot of heat + the wiring will be a lot neater (more separation & less clutter). Do you agree?
    Also, If I want to plug in a DJ; would I be better off running him into the line level input, or should I run a DI box to the xlr line in on my board?
    which would be the best sounding? Or would there be no difference?
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    The 260 has much flexibility in it's input voltage capability. Most modern (better quality) DJ mixers run +4 level signals (not -10 which is consumer level... but you should be able to check that) so an appropriate cable with conversions if necessary would be fine (say 1/4\" to XLR balanced is best for long runs but unbalanced to XLR would work)

    I would have them separate too but for a 2X4 system you would need 4 sends from the MIX rack to the amp rack...That means at least a 16/ 24 x 6 snake to get 4 sends + 2 monitor sends for foldback...I actually run the Drivrack in the Amp rack and control it with a laptop from FOH via the GUI, and then you only need one send for the control and you would send L/R + GUI control over the snake and still have a send for a monitor mix. You could also use a regular snake input channel and get an appropriate conversion cable.

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