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A Church with 80's EV HORN SYSTEM

theorganlofttheorganloft Posts: 3
edited August 2008 in Connectivity
My church system is using Crown amps connecting Old style EV MID and High Horns in a MONO configuration. That is: 2 high horns, 1 mid horn (center) and a Sub Woofer (2 15 inch drivers).

Can I effectively use a DriveRack to replace the EQ's and Limiters with horns such as these?

My other question is: We have separate band and Pulpit monitors on separate amps. Do we connect these to the drive rack as well.

We have the usual graphic EQ, limiters, feedback destroyers on all systems.

I feel that the system can deliver much more. We have all Crown amps, Behringer feedback systems, and high quality EQ systems.


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Yes definately. If you get the 260 (at least) you can run the mains off one side and the pulpit system with the other...and you won't believe the difference!

    You should provide all the info you can when posting. (amp models, speaker models, processor modules....etc

  • Thanks for your reply. I will gather the information and forward to you.

    This makes me feel better. The system always sounds muffled.

    I will gather the information tomorrow.

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