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rodeoclownsrodeoclowns Posts: 18
I'm running a DR260, using 2X2, with EV Eliminator i settings, AFS, 12 LIVE with 5 sec, EQ's linked.flat, no LIMITER/DELAY using CROWN Xti4000 with PRESET, DSP OFF, STEREO and for the life of me , can not get the hissing to stop from the FOH.... I did run SAME setting on DRPA, 2inputs, 2 outputs(left high, right high)...NO HISSING...

WHat am I missing on the HISSING??

Thanks in advance, johnE


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    GAIN STRUCTURE!!!!! :shock:
    12 LIVE? why?G :shock: (6 fixed and 6 roaming!)
    what mixer?
    what hookup?
    NOT enough info..
    The 260 is quiet as death.... :arrow:
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Using exactly the same cables with both set-ups?

    At a given mixer setting, is the 260 way louder?

    On the 260 are the input and output meters reading the same?

    -10 / +4 switch

    New 260?, first use?

  • Mixer is a CREST XRM...Also use YAMAHA M/G32 and MACKIE VLZ32 in the past with DRPA

    12 LIVE...don't know why.YES I'm a new user with 260( I \"thought\" if I left the 12 LIVE and released every 5 sec., I would always catch a feedback instead of holding onto 6...(I have NO real understandable logic for why I do what I do)

    LEFT/RIGHT to inputs

    LEFT/RIGHT to LEFT/RIGHT(1,2 on 260),(L/R HIGHS on DRPA) outputs

    Same Cables input/output on both 260/DRPA..

    NO hissing at all from DRPA

    Yes to meters reading the same on 260(input/output)

    Not sure what -10/ +4 switch means

    I really want to use 260 for FOH and DRPA for two EV FM1202-ER monitors

    Also think I did the Gain structure correctly reading forum notes on this, but I may be doing something wrong there with the 260..

    Thanks in advance, johnE
  • One other thing...

    Once I removed the cabling from the 260, I left it powered up in the FOH rack, while doing a live show. Several hours later , the 260 LCD screen looked like it had crashed with several modes blinking with \"can't read ROM.,...\"loading, loading\"...When I hit select program button, it displayed
    garbage like a dump crash. I then powered the unit off/on and program 2X2 loaded.

    AND , I haven't tried powering it back up since end of show late Sunday night...

  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    If is is in warranty, send it in for repair or replacement. If it is new, work out an straight exchange with the retailer.

    I also use a 260 for mains and a DRPA for monitors.

    The first 6 or so AFS filters are the most prone to feedback and therefore will be constantly chirping all night if used as live. Get them out of there for good with fixed.

  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Was that 260 used? Sounds like it has issues to me, if it's brand new take it back and tell them you want a new one, if not new and not in warranty take the cover off and make sure all the cables are in tight especially the ribbon going to the display...

    Then I'd do a HARD reset, this will revert the unit back to factory specs. (it will also wipe out any programs you have written so use the GUI and upload any programs you have written to your computer for later download.

    I don't get what your saying here?

    LEFT/RIGHT to LEFT/RIGHT(1,2 on 260),(L/R HIGHS on DRPA) outputs

    Your using both units on the same speakers?

    Was the 260 being vibrated heavily. as in sitting on a speaker or adjacent to one? Did it have sufficient ventilation? Did it get hot?

  • I was using the DRPA configured as mentioned until the NEW dr260 came in. So, I am only using one unit at a time, just the same cabling and settings, so I thought. All the FOH stuf was 100' from stage on a table, no vibrations, etc...

    I do now understand what was said about fixing 6 and leaving 6 LIVE filters..

    I am going to power up unit tonight, no cabling, just to see if I can wizard through any menus without crash dump looking screens...If it happens again, I 'll return unit to vendor...I think it's still under warranty...

    thanks all, johnE
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