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rodeoclownsrodeoclowns Posts: 18
I have an OLD , and I mean OLD(1983) pair of EAW B-215 bass bins I would like to use with the 260....No info, specs,nothing on the EAW.com website for legacy products. THe cabinets have 3 of the origanl EAW 15\" woofer and the fourth is a JBL2205a(8 ohms),,,said to have ALMOST the exact specs as the EAW's... Anybody got ANY DATA I can use as a guide...

These cabinets still really sound just x'ings over around 500...Heavy suckers and still working

Thanks in advance



  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    I am afraid that I have to again ask for more info. It would seem that \"READ ME FIRST BEFORE POSTING\" means little to those that are new to this site...The unfortunate thing is that I once again have to ask for all the information....subs? That cross out at 500 hz? nope...NOT subs. Subs are usually somewhere in the 50 -100 hz max range... sometimes if a smaller 12\"/10\" top is used a higher xover is used, but again usually below 130 hz....

    So we need ...
    1 speakers used for tops...model and quantity
    2 amps used for the tops, model and quantity
    3 speakers used for subs...EAW B-215 ( I found this with a google search)

    The EAW Forsythe series direct radiating low frequency
    horns are designed for concert sound, theater
    reinforcement and other applications . Used B-215. requiring quality
    reprodutput down to the 40 Hz region. Construction is to the high standards for which EAW is famous, using cross-grainlaminated birch with 18 plys to the in. Used B-215. ch which has a much higher strength to pattern control over typical radial or quasi-exponential designs. The finish is an advanced two component catalyzed poly-urethane chemical coating that has exceptional scuff resistance. Features include heavy-duty roadie corners, protective speaker grills, integral speaker spacer plates, complete mounting hardware. The B-215 is the vent loading extends response down to 40 Hz. to weight ratio than ordinary plywood or particle board found in other cabinets. Extensive internal bracing virtually eliminates panel resonances even at full concert sound levels. The true exponential design allows better conversion efficiency direct rating bass horn for two 15\" drivers. It provides 7.9 dB of horn gain above 100 Hz

    The problem with a 9.7 DB boost is that all frequencies below that point suffer and are not heard because the 100hz and up frequencies are over twice as loud...Bag end uses subtractive EQ to make the really low stuff heard. that subtraction would be all of that 100 hz and up gain. It's fairly easy to design a cab with a huge peak above 100 hz, it's MUCH harder to make a cab that's flat or 3db down or less at 30 hz much less 20.

    The info asked for has a reason. The crossover points are determined by
    1. power on hand (more power will lower the crossover point)
    2. size of the lo driver in the tops, and it's 3db down point as well as efficiency, and other factors are considered
    3. power available for the subs (if any... and again the more power the lower the cutoff...
    4. the subs... the number, and efficiency...
    we need the model #'s and such for looking up the device for spec/configuration info.

  • Hey Gadget..

    The tops will be EV Eliminator(2 to a side)
    The amps I have are

    (1)YAMAHA P7000
    (1)YAMAHA P4500
    (1)QSC PLX3012
    (2)CROWN Xti4000

    I'd like to use all for outdoor shows if I can.. having
    (1)B-215 with (2) EV eliminators stacked on top

    1.) Do I have enough power to run these speakers in
    a.) stereo
    B.) mono

    2.) I DO know that the EV's at rated at 350W@8 ohms
    3.) What you posted about the b-215's(2 15's)
    a.) Are they 8 or 4 ohms( Not sure of the wiring, serial/parallel ??

    Thanks in advance

  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Lets go with the pair of XTi's bridged for the tops...(symmetry)(2 tops per amp)
    and the Yamaha 7000, and QSC bridged for the subs...
    A bit too much power for the speakers but some nice headroom available...
    2X4 config, custom speakers and amps in the wizard
    select FBX and Comp for the inserts...

    HPF of 40hzBW18 for the tubs
    LPF of 100hz LR24

    HPF for the EV's of 100hz LR24
    you can set an LPF of 16khz LR6 if you wish or let them go to out...

    Good luck lugging those things around (the tubs) how much do they weigh anyway?

    If you need more bass (I assume the 4 tops will be able to overpower the subs...) you put them together (bins) and get 3dB free gain, placed against a wall you get 6dB additional.. and in a corner, 9dB additional..however ... the larger the number of boundaries the more frequency anomalies (boom factory) there will be...

    Auto EQ with only one top and sub, read the FAQ's :
    The tops are 8 ohm and the subs are 4 ohm
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