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dj and need some help

gaz0rgaz0r Posts: 7
Ive started djing in a club that got took over and its got a turbo sound setup, 2 bass bins 4 big tops, and right down the club it has small turbosound bass bins and speakers..

anyway its running the driverack 260 system.

its setup well and sounds good but only one problem... the bass at the top of the club is really dull when its turned right up on the mixer the bass is not that loud and i want to loud and to feel the bass..

can someone give me a quick guide how to edit the configuration and up the bass bins a little??



  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Sorry dude... without a LOT more info.. no way...you could blow up the system..
    1. Model #'s for the tops, and subs + number of each
    2. What amps are used for the system model # and what speakers do they drive
    3. The unit may be locked out and without the password ... your screwed
    this may seem harsh but we have no idea what qualifications you have to modify the system...Could be there IS no more left in the system...Question, is it better to have what you have, or blow it up and have nothing.. is it your call to make? If it was my system and you wanted in.. no way till you demonstrate some ability to not hurt the equipment...DJ's are notorious for wanting outrageous bass... me too that's how I got my start, but to hand the keys to the asylum over to the population.. is crazy... :roll:
    P.S. a good place to start learning is the 'READ THIS BEFORE YOU POST OR YOU WON\"T GET ANSWERS!' ... if you had, one if the first lines is...

    ***When you do post, please provide system information along with your post. Speaker models and quantities,(links would be helpful) Amp models and number of amps, what you foresee them driving...system components and current hookup information if any... IF YOU DON\"T... you will not get help...*** :idea:
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