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QSC 122i and Yorkville 700p system

bobogypsybobogypsy Posts: 17
edited September 2008 in Connectivity
Just put this system together and have not set up as yet. (Subs are being built).

This is what I'm thinking:

2X4 set up
HPF: BW18@30hz
LPF: 120 hz LR 24 Hz

100- 120 hz @LR 24.

The Qsc's have a 100hz hpf switch

The Yorkville subs have a High Frequency cut off that you can set anywhere from 100hz to 150hz.

This set up is for a bluesrock band that does a wide range of music. Want a good kick drum sound and some bass guitar but not overpowering.



  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    I wish Yorkville would publish response curves...It's aggravating that they don't publish all the information...

    With a 3db down point of 45 and 125 hz, and being as how it's a band pass sub I'd suggest 110 hz area for the xover. What do you hope to accomplish by setting the hipass @ 30 hz? If it's 3db down @ 45 hz that xover point is useless. It would only be letting the subs do whatever they want and then the crossover point and slope are academic...

    A spread of more than a few hz can cause comb filtering in the crossover region...so don't overlap, but instead a spread of a few hz can lessen the interaction.

    I figure you could go as high as 120 hz with the crossover but you might find it a bit boxy sounding...
  • Thanks Gadget,

    These are your thoughts?:

    2X4 set up
    HPF: BW18@45hz
    LPF: 100 hz LR 24 Hz

    110 hz @LR 24. Maybe less?
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