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Password Trouble with dbx 260

Robin LotzeRobin Lotze Posts: 2
Hi there,
we have forgotten our password on the dbx 260. Is there some master password that we can reset it with, or an easy way to discover the lost password without a hardware reset?

Grettings vom Cyprus


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Did you use your own password or the default? If the former you are probably going to have to hard reset. If you have exported all your settings to your computer then all you have to do is import them back into the 260 and your up and running again...you should still be able to export the settings even if the unit is locked.. I think...I hope you are using the GUI, it makes things so much easier, and you need it export the settings...

    Greetings from a thoroughly screwed up USA
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