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Driverack 260 pre-purchase Help

BnchsBnchs Posts: 8
My church is considering buying a 260 and I have a couple of questions that will hopefully help us determine whether or not we should. We have a FOH setup with a pair of electrovoice ZX4 speakers and a pair of electrovoice SX100+ as stage monitors. Each pair has its own Crown XLS402 amplifier. We have a Mackie CFX20, where the ZX4's are connected to the L and R Main Outs, and the monitors are connected via the AUX Send.

1) If connecting this setup to the Driverack is possible, what is the best way to do it.

2) Would the feeback suppression process both the main speakers and monitors?

3) Does the driverack have a built in equalizer?

4) Can the driverack be used without the RTM mic?
Thanks for any information or suggestions you can provide.


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Good Morning,
    The driverack 260 would be an invaluable asset to your church, and yes.. it will. You'll want to set up a dual mono setup in order to get the best benefit out of the system though. There is no benefit to running the FOH system in stereo anyway. This way you can process each separately. This will allow you to use all the different modules the Driverack has to offer, which are:
    28 band (or 9 band parametric use one or the other) GEQ first module
    compressor, AFS, AGC, sub synth, notch filter, gate 2nd & 3rd module
    Delay fourth module
    Crossover, parametric EQ's
    alignment delays...
    etc.. All the tools, and no you don't need the mic...
    So Mono out of the mixer...if it has a mono summed out that's fine, or with the pan controls centered either out L/R would work. You'll need an adapter from the 1/4 inch out of the aux send to the Driverack input. They are available from Full Compass or other outlets, I make my own...with the 260 each output can drive all or part of the audio spectrum so you could run 6 different speakers if you wanted.
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Download the GUI from the Training Module link above. Play with it and you'll see how cool (diverse) it is.

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