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234XL Crossover Setup

trinirattantrinirattan Posts: 2
edited August 2009 in Configuration Wizard
I just purchased:
1 - 2215 Dual 15-Band Graphic Equalizer
1 - 234XL Stereo 2-Way Mono 3-Way Crossover
2 - CVA-28 Cerwin Vega Powered Tops
1 - AB-36C Folded Horn Sub

I am running my balanced mixer out to the EQ, Balanced EQ out to the Crossover, but that is where I am getting stuck. How do I connect my tops, and also connect my Sub.


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Press the wizard button and select custom passive with mono sub. That will set up a 2x3.
    Read the READ ME FIRST SECTION for some great info.

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    Fanman20Fanman20 Posts: 223
    Have I missed something here :?: :?: :?
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Oh, I thought you had a Driverack. Do you have the manual for the x-over? Is there a mono sub button?

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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    That Dra is such a kidder... :lol::lol::lol:
    Are you looking for hookup help, or what buttons and knobs to set where?

    I haven't got a lot of time right now, but check this thread for parallels...
    http://www.dbxpro.com/forum/viewtopic.p ... highlight=

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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Are you still in need of help?
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    I'm just looking for help with my DBX 234 XL. I have 2 Crown Amlifiers, 2 JBL Subs and 2 JBL tops.

    I've connected all my equipment using this two topics:
    http://www.dbxpro.com/forum/viewtopic.p ... hlight=234

    tops - to high outs
    subs - to ch2 low out
    LF sum on
    3 way stereo

    Pleese, can you help me in setting up the front panel?
    Thank you!
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    From mixer L into x-over input 1.
    From mixer R into x-over input 2.
    X-over high out 1 to top amp 1.
    X-over high out 2 to top amp 2.
    X-over Low / LF sum (channel 1) out to sub amp.

    Back panel:
    X-over (x1 / x10) freq buttons (2): out
    Mode buttons for 2 way: left - in , right - out
    LF sum button: in

    Front panel:
    Input gains (2): -0-
    40hz cut: in
    X-over freq (Low/Mid) (2): 90-110hz (adjust to best sound)
    Low output (2): -0-
    High output (2): -0- (adjust to balance sound)
    Inv buttons: out

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    Thanx a lot! And what about Mid/High frequences? Are they needed?
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    You have \"full range\" top speakers (highs) and sub speakers (lows). No mid speakers.

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    Everything works properly, thank you very much!
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