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Setup HELP

miamirambomiamirambo Posts: 3
I just got the Driverack 260 for my church i am having a hard time setting it up,
i have 4 EAW JFX560i full range on 2 Crown MA-2400 Amps in stereo mode 4 EAW LA118z subs on 2 QSC PLX3402 In Mono mode\" the the first Problem is none of my speakers or amps are on the Driverack, Sec. Problem when i use it in Costume settings and i AutoEQ The RTA mic gives me improper EQ Settings it Boost the HI almost 9db i need some help on this Issue


  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    A search for Auto-EQ will deliver a lot of info. The READ ME FIRST section also has warnings of the pitfalls of using the auto-eq. However, you should take 1 top and 1 sub cab outside where there are no boundries. Now you can Auto-EQ the speakers, not the room. For more details on this process check out the above suggestions. Not to worry, great things are ahead.

  • Dra i wish it was that easy the speakers are already Rig 18ft up the issue is the church is 5500SF with a 80ft Arch-top wood roof
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Then get the mic close to the speakers.. say 6 feet strait out...on axis, centered on the speaker...set for flat response save that preset.. its all in the RMF section as dra said...
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