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Mono-Bridged mains --- The 6dB question.

John SJohn S Posts: 29
We all know the DR260 Wizard doesn't have an option to set up 2 mono-bridged mains. I run 2 SR4733a cabs that EACH have monobridged QSC2450 amps on them.

One of the messages in the archive says to just set it up with the Wizard with the 2450, but then roll back 6 db to compensate for the mono-bridging. When I run these through the wizard (I also use a pair of SRX728s subs each mono-bridged with qsc3602 amps) it sets my x-over output at -5.5db. Should I then go into the x-over and reduce that down to -11 db? Or should I turn down the gains on each of the amps another 6 db?

Again, thanks in advance.


  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    See the other answer about setting YOUR gain structure.

  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Well... the problem with that is that the setup was based on specs provided by JBL...but they don't take into consideration what tops are used, and what amps... with all the possibilities how can anyone give an amp sensitivity for all situations...Yes you can modify the xover gains to suit... but a simpler and just as effective method is to leave the xover gains at unity and turn DOWN the amp running the loudest component...

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