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electric humming noise from channel 2 input

Jaymichael1Jaymichael1 Posts: 12
Hey guys, after doing a show last weekend i noticed a strange electric
humming noise coming from the right channel. It was toward the end of the night and did not pay much attention to it at the time. I set everything up
in my basement to see if i could duplicate it and after an hour of testing with
different cables and configurations I have determined that my channel 2
input has the issue, affecting output channels 2 4 and 6. I can reproduce
the humming at all time from outputs 2 4 and 6 with any kind of speaker
hooked up to those outputs. I have changed the input sources and cables
multiple time to confirm it is not a source issue. does anybody have any
ideas what this could be? I dont have warranty on this unit anymore and
before sending it out im wondering if anybody has encountered this or
if there is any known causes for this type of problem. Thanks in advance!!


  • No worries, got it sorted....

    Looks like someone must have tripped on a cord and bent the channel 2
    input socket slightly. Disassembled and touched up the solder on the
    circut board. Good as new.
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Congrats. It is not likely that we would have solved that one over the \"phone\". Good Job and could be a great help it the future.

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