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Input B for monitor mix

John SJohn S Posts: 29
Well, I just played 2 gigs this weekend using the DR260 for the first time. Worked great and improved the sound tremendously. I did not run my monitor mix through the DR260. I ran it independently through my aux 1 out to a 31 band eq to the monitor amps.

I've been sitting here playing with the GUI. Is there any reason why I can't use the following setup. (I'm running a mono rig).

Left channel out of the board to Input A on the DR. Unlink everything between A&B inputs. Run a 1x4 x-over for the A Input. Output A to Channel 1 (Left Main), Channel 2 (Rt. Main), Channel 3(left Sub), Channel 4(rt sub). Here, I did notice that the x-over did not automatically set itself like it did when I ran the wizard using both A&B as the main mix. Looks like I'd need to go in and manually set the x-over parameters for each of the 4 output channels.

Take my Aux send (separate monitor mix) out of the board to Input B on the DR. Then use Channels 5&6 out to the monitor amps.

I'm just trying to figure out a way to get SEPARATE AFS and Auto EQ benefits to my monitor rig while preserving those benefits to the mains and subs that I already have.

Will I be able to do a SEPARATE AFS and Auto EQ for the monitor rig?


  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    You are 100% correct on all counts, but are you running amps at each stack? You can just run a 1 x 2 (1 hi, 1 sub) if you're not and save some mic cables.
    Beware the Auto-EQ. Read up on the pitfalls.

  • John SJohn S Posts: 29
    I am running separate mono-bridged amps for EACH cab. 1 qsc2450 for left high, 1 qsc 2450 for rt high, 1 qsc3602 for left sub, and one qsc3602 for rt sub.

    I'm running a stereo qsc3102 for the monitors. The only thing that sucks about the setup I proposed is that I'll only have 1 monitor mix.

    I read all the stuff on the hazards of the auto eq. So I ran my (mains) setup outside with only 1 stack and flattened it last weekend.

    Another question - Since I have unlinked the AFS between the A & B inputs, does that mean that I will have 12 Filters on BOTH the A&B channels?

    And finally, exactly how do I run the auto EQ to get separate eq on the mains and monitors?

    Thanks in advance......again.
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    It's possible to do this from the front panel but MUCH easier if you use the GUI...
    In the GUI select \"config\" with the button to the right of the block diagrams.. this will allow you to link and unlink the different modules.. once they are all unlinked you can separate completely both mixes... you will need then to do everything twice...That is the mode you need to go to when you want to change any of the parameters.. like what crossovers.. inserts... and redistributing the memory...and link and unlink the modules...

    So try that...

    let me know if you have questions..
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    As far as dual Auto-EQ goes, once it is set up as stereo (2 separate GEQ's) then the 260 will automatically do a 2 step process. It will do one then prompt you to NXT PG to start the next.

  • John SJohn S Posts: 29
    another question. Since I am running my mains and subs through input A, how do I set up the monitor speakers through input B. The wizard doesn't allow me to select a monitor option, so I assume it calculates the same speakers for the outputs from Input A as the same as the outputs from Input B. I assume it calculates the same amps as well. Which is not the case, obviously.

    For my mains, I'm running SR4733x and SRX728s subs on each side. Mono-bridged qsc2450 for each top cab and mono-bridged qsc3602 for each sub cab. (So 4 amps total for my mains and subs). For my monitors, I'm running 2 EAW LA215 cabs with a qsc3102 in stereo.
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Well if your interested in using presets (although there isn't any REAL benefit other than a crossover point of 81.1 hz, a slope of LR48, and a couple very small PEQ tweaks to the subs.. of less than 2.0db...But you could set up the mains as the JBL's with amps.. on input A, and the monitors on input B... you would do this with the \"config\" mode.. I have already set it up if you just want to give me your Email address, I'll send it as a .dwp file you can \"upload' into your 260, and then save it to some location...
  • John SJohn S Posts: 29
    Thanks, Gadget!

  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    You should have the file...
    You can load it into your GUI at work as well.. just Import it...
    P.S. I doubt the veracity of the amp settings...or the gains on the xover.. I'd do a gain structure as in the RMFBP section ...one reason is, the amp gain didn't change when bridged on the sub...?
  • John SJohn S Posts: 29
    Very strange. I set it up just as described before. The main mix, Channel A Input to the DR260 is straight out of the left channel main of my board. The Mon mix is straight out of the Aux 1 send. Channel A & B on the DR are unlinked. HOWEVER, I'm getting the Channel B from the Aux sends coming through my mains for some reason. The mains work fine with the send from the left main channel of the board, but during sound check I'm getting the Mon (aux 1 send) through the mains as well. Any thoughts???
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Send me the .dwp file ...it's been a while and I don't have the file I sent...
    and I'll see if you have a \"preset\" problem...or a \"software\" problem...If I didn't screw up :? you may need to do a hard, or soft reset...

    G :roll:
  • John SJohn S Posts: 29
    Thanks Gadget, but it looks like I was able to solve the issue. The problem was that I was mistakenly thinking that Channels A & B were the same as inputs 1 & 2. Obviously both A & B each can accept input from both 1&2 at the same time ---- which is what was occurring in my situation. I merely went into channel A config and turned down Input 2 and then went in to B config and turned down Input 1. Problem solved.javascript:emoticon(':D')
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