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Need Help Setting up Cluster with Driverack 260

NMScot1NMScot1 Posts: 4
edited January 2009 in 200 Series Connectivity
We recently purchased a DR 260 to drive our church sound system. We are confused by the manual and need help. We have a mono Cluster of three Peavey HV 1582, bi-amped speakers, driven by 3 x Peavey CS 800S Amps (3 channels for highs and three for mids), and a Peavey QW 118 Sub, driven by a Peavey CS 800 S Amp. We have both stereo and mono feeds available from our soundboard. How do we configure this? What should be the crossover settings? Should we use stereo out or mono out?

Any help would be great

Many thanks


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    What are you currently using as a crossover.. and how is it set up?
    Is the sub amp Bridged?
    What mixer do you have? does it have LCR outs?

  • DRPA that was set up before my arrival here. Think it is a 2x5, Doesn't work too good, getting some mids in the sub. (We're going to move the DRPA to the choir Monitors.)

    Sub amp is mono-bridged.

    Desk is Phonic Sonic Station 32 (I didn't buy it :lol: )

    I have read to the point of much more confusion.

    Many thanks
  • DraDra Posts: 3,844
    Are you using the Driveware GUI? If not, do. Have you downloaded the Driveware GUI? If not, do (even if your not going to make your life easier by using the computer control).

    How would you describe the center cluster? All 3 working equally, or center covering 80% and the L/R just filling the front and edges? Are any of the cabs inverted (horn down)?

    What crossover setting did the DRPA employ? Be detailed.
    We'll assume from the 2 x 5 that they were stereo, 1 cab biamped from 1,2; 2 cabs biamped from 3,4; and the sub on 5 (or something equivalent).

  • I've got to go out of town for two weeks, will check up on all of this and get back to you. Center cab is inverted, and we run equal through each cab.

    Thank you!
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