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serial to USB connection

toygianantoygianan Posts: 2
edited January 2009 in Connectivity
good day.

i just acquired a driverack 260. i am very much impress with the different functions it will do. i was also given a demonstration by the store and i saw how it can be a versitile single unit replacing several.

however, when i decided to link it up with my laptop, it fell short of what i expect it to do. although i have connectivity with the serial to serial cable that comes with the box, connecting it with todays USB, it was frustrating. I have bought already 4 kinds of serial to USB converters, and still no connection.

:( i scan the old forum in your website and i was not able to look for an alternative way to connect via USB.

i suggest strongly that DBX should provide this connect via USB since this is how things are connecting today. serial ports are of the past. with a thousand dollar gadget that cannot provide its full potential because of non-connectivity, very frustrating. i think you forgot this aspect.

providing a forum is ok, but sometimes, the sometimes the simpliest problem is overlook.

but you have a good product. help me connect :!:


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