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Driverack with Bose PS1 L1

gogorivieragogoriviera Posts: 3
edited February 2009 in Configuration Wizard
I was looking for some feedback on using the driverack with my Bose PAS-the stick thing. I know the moderator -from what I have read_ is not too impressed by the Bose system. However I am playing a solo piano gig at a very modest volume and was wondering if the room analyser might help things out-also the bose is mono and was wondering if the RTA requires a stereo field. I appreciate any feedback, Thanks


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    The moderator here...I tell you I have very little opinion of the \"stick thing\" other than what I have read....I understand that the HF falls of pretty dramatically over time..form what I read...I am a part of a greater live audio community that thinks that Bose is a lot of hype and marketing... I personally have a pair of 301's while they sound ok, there is $1.25 worth of chinsy speakers in the bow with a capacitor as a crossover and a very flimsy particle board and shelf paper box...and a hefty price tag...that is my gripe.. but enough of that...

    Do I think the DR would help.. I haven't seen the system yet that didn't benefit significantly form the Driverack... Do you use the sub with the stick? If so even more reason to use the DR...

    No, the RTA does not require a stereo signal, and with an omni measurement mic and a 360 degree radiation pattern it might be interesting seeing what happens (all those reflected paths.. and kind of hard to keep the sound on the audience and off the hard surfaces with omni sound...But I know some that like there systems...

    Perhaps a visit to a local pro audio or Guitar Center would get you a demo unit to try? I know I could get one form any number of sources here...I would highly recommend the 260.. it is far superior in sound and function...

    P.S. I don't care for JBL either...and thats a HARMON company.. so don't dispare.. I don't really discriminate.. but I am opinionated, so if you can put up with that .. it's all good!

  • DraDra Posts: 3,844
    A \"stereo field\" actually hurts the process. Don't those systems have a processor as part of the system?

    Do you sing? If yes, then there is a use for a Driverack (AFS, GEQ, etc). If not, some benefit, but not near as much.

    Without more info, hard to say.

  • I have not heard about high end falloff with the bose system- I would be interested to read that wherever it may be- and I dont work for bose. I am a vocalist so i guess the feedback suppressor would certainly help. I have always thought highly of DBX product- and also no the bose system does not have a \"proceessor\" as far as I know- they have eq settings as presets on the XLR inputs. Thanks
  • DennisDennis Posts: 801
    I had to work with the Bose sticks a couple of times and walked into the first job totally prepared to hate them but if you are doing a solo act or have a small band and you are playing a small venue, they are OK. They are pretty much plug and play, so if no one in the band is technical, the sticks are a good call.

    I was hired as a system tech and had to integrate a rented console and FOH rack with a clients speakers. I had no idea what speakers he had until he showed up with 4 of these tubes. He wanted to run 2 per side (the website says these are 180*). At this point, I tried to make it back to my car and leave the venue but I was detained.

    This was an outdoor venue with seating for about 500 or 600 close to the stage then past that, a park like area where people stood. During sound check, the sticks covered about half way up the seating area and got very quiet by the mix position at the end of the seating area. And this was in an empty house. With two of these per side, there was a lot of comb action and it took a long time to tune.

    Other than these speakers being totally inadequate for this venue, here is my take on them. As I said, they should be fine in a small venue. The tubes start to lose it below 250Hz. The \"sub\" is really a lower mid box that doesn't do low end very well. At my outdoor venue, I used Mackie subs but still had to use the Bose subs for lower mid range. I used a processor on the system. The only line in connector on these sticks was an unbalanced quarter inch which was unhappy with my 300' snake. When these are used in the manner they were designed with one musician plugging one instrument and one vocal mic into one stick, they perform as advertised.

  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Thanks Dennis, that pretty much jives with what I've heard, and I guess if I was doing an acoustic gig with a guitar and a vocal it might help portray an intimate experience in a small venue with good acoustics.. As I said the falloff in HF over a short time troubles me, and the response of Bose \"HUH? problem.. we haven't heard anything about a problem\"... Ya right...

    For the info a search of the archives at the ProSound WEB ...Live audio board...

    Here's just one of the responses when \"Bose Stick\" was used in the search field...the one prior to this was FAR LESS positive :roll:
    I have finally had a chance to play with these in a Guitar Ctr and Gawd...I don't know if I should feel privilaged or not...
    I was clearly making the salesman guy there nervous as I \"exercised\" the system a bit. Confused Twisted Evil

    If you have ever heard any Bose at all, this T-ball shaped thingy will defintely fit the mold. This is the Bose mold. Bose alone. Solo Bose. One company's interpretation. AM radio sound that doesn't travel where you need it to, ala Murphy's law. A nice house-warming gift. Unobtrusive to the decor. Something both the misses and you can...
    However...I don't feel their compromises would be necessary in any live rig. Just give me a real unashamed PA. Mmmm yeah baby, don't be shy!

    To the those with questions: I would say be more worried about small-time wizbangs who don't have any respect for the live sound industry and buy gear that is actually useful...


    I didn't find the ones from the Pro's that were using them and actually experienced the falloff in HF energy(if that can actually be used to describe Bose..) but the problem revealed itself (as I recall) when after about 6 weeks of use as a \"stage monitor\"rig for a lower \"A\" lister country act, one of the sticks failed, a replacement was brought in and it became VERY obvious that the older \"stick\" had lost considerable high end... the monitor engineer suspected that something was more and more amiss as the artist complained and wanted more level and EQ changes over time that could have been many things since they were in different venues every week but turned out to be the Sticks loss of sensitivity in the HF area...

    If you cannot find it I will assist, but a few different keyword searches should offer up a plethora of info on these... things...

    As MANY of pro sounds best and brightest have said....

    \"Bose- Better sound through marketing.

    Ain't got no highs. Ain't got no lows. Oh my god, they must be Bose.

    These systems suck, and no band could actually afford a setup like they recommend.\"

    Be well,
    gadget [/u]
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Ok, with the help of Erik Hendriks, over @ the PSW , we now have the post:

    http://srforums.prosoundweb.com/index.p ... 58/0/0/17/

    I have also asked for any further followup done on these, and if Bose has solved the problem..or if it was perhaps a bad batch..etc...I know there was more...

    Here is the location of, and the thread I started there...
    http://srforums.prosoundweb.com/index.p ... msg_402662

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