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Can't update 480R firmware

gggaudiogggaudio Posts: 0
edited February 2009 in 400 Series Connectivity
Hi. I have a lot of driveracks, so I'm pretty up to speed with the driveracks in general, but have hit a brick wall with this problem.

I have just got hold of a 481 and 480R, and they were both visible in Driveware but it told me the firmware was out of date. I successfully updated the 481, but the 480 refuses to be found by either of my 2 PC's.

It is a dbx null-modem cable which works for everything else, and the PC switch on the 480p is engaged with PC light showing in red. I have started it holding prev so it says Baud rate 57600 v1.000 9 0a0 waiting to receive update.

It is now not visible in driveware, and will not network with anything (I'm guessing because it's now a different firmware version?). This problem has in effect rendered the 480R completely useless!

The current version showing on power up is v1. 0 40a. I have read a post on the forum which indicated that some of the first 480r's where beta versions and require a new eprom. Could this be the case here? Serial number is 000071 Sept 00

Do I need an intermediate firmware perhaps? I would like to get an older firmware updater to try but can't find any. Is there any way to roll back the firmware on some of the other driveracks so this 480R can be used?

I assume the com port settings are the same as what work for driveware:
bps: 38400
data bits: 8
parity: none
stop bits: 1
flow control: None
Advanced: FIFO buffers on, TX & RX High

I am stumped...please help!


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    I'm working on an answer for you.. Mike should be on tomorrow for you ok? I don't have a 400 series to play with...

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