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Connect the DBX 266XL to a guitaramp

gmfgmf Posts: 2
edited February 2009 in Connectivity
can someone help me? I want to use the dbx 266xl as a gate for my guitar rig, like mark morton of lamp of god who uses the dbx 26xl as gate before his guitar signal goes into the amp.do i need a special symmetric cable or wich input can i use. i just pluged into the normal input and output to the input of my recitfier amp. but got very bad feedback noize then with my amp.

thanx for help


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Boy I don't know... the signal from a guitar is not very strong... maybe an active pickup might have sufficient level for the -10 level (switch on the back of the unit on each channel...) 1/4\" inputs. Typically to input a guitar signal into a line level device you would need to use a direct box to convert the level and deal with the impedance differential.

    A guitar forum would likely be a better place to get this kind of input.
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