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Output and gain structure

rschultzrschultz Posts: 50

I'm fairly new to the DR260. The gain structure on my GL2400 mixer is set properly, but I'm not sure if the 260 is set right. The speaker volume seems very soft compared to when I go directly from the mixer to the speakers without the 260. Should Unity on the main outs of the board be unity on the 260 out?
My setup: I used the GUI Wizard to set up a simple 2x2, nothing fancy, EQ off at this point. My speakers are powered, so at this point their gain is at unity (12 o'clock).
When I try to push the volume on the board much above unity, the speakers pop. The speakers are Yorkville U15P's, which are very powerful speakers especially for the room we are in. But going through the 260, I just can't get much volume.
Any ideas?



  • Also, possibly related:
    I tried Gadget's indoor EQ method. The 260 kept trying to push the volume, all the bars were above unity by the end.
    And, for some reason, after I aborted out of it, I couldn't turn of the pink noise. I tried everything. Ended up Replacing the program with a new one... only way I could get the pink noise to go away.
  • DennisDennis Posts: 801
    Did you try the \"indoor EQ method\" before or after you determined the speaker volume seemed \"soft\"?

    On page 64 of my 260 manual is instructions for \"factory reset\". Since you have no real programs built up yet, there is no downside to giving it a shot and starting over again.

  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    You know, I wondered if this might be an issue at some point.. I am wondering if when you used the wizard you didn't choose the DEFAULT JBL speakers they have in the wizard as \"presets\"... Some of the JBL speakers have a -8db xover gain for some of the tops and even more cut for the subs...

    Try again, ALL custom, AMPS, AND SPEAKERS...you probably also allowed the 260 to set up HPF and LPF as well as filter type...well not actually since there isn't a sub, BUT there IS a HPF for the speaker, and if it's set too high then the speaker will sound weak...The U15 is traditionally thought of as weak in the low end... the 215 suffers as well, but not as much. In order to get proper low end you might consider a PEQ @ 80 hz and play with the Q.. starting with a fairly wide one that would go from at least 40-120 hz and try a 1.5 db boost and then start playing with the slope and xover type as well as gain for the PEQ...

    If the gain still seems low, check the \"input mixer gain\", and the \"Xover gain\" Make sure the compressor/limiter isn't causing the reduction, and tell us what the meters are doing (input AND outputs...) this will tell you if the gain structure is affecting the Driverack properly ... I bet you didn't do a gain structure to assure the different components are talking the same language (read that LEVEL)...you mention the mixer, but what about the DR260? When the mixer clips, what is the INPUT meter showing? Better yet what are the GUI input meters showing? The outputs are important as well...BUT NO CLIPPING inside the 260! Make sure the polarity of the outputs is the same. (see the output modules)

  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Oh and the Auto EQ... if you didn't get the level PAINFULLY loud... you might not be set up right for the livesound and DJ KJ work... Try again with ...the settings we specify in the RMFBP section...
    precision: lo to mid (new indoor method is so quick even hi doesn't take long)
    Precurve -0- (flat)

    Get the speakers flat, and store that preset for comparison and tough rooms...
  • If I do a factory reset, will I have to re-do the firmware? Probably should do a hard reset?
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    No, it will revert back to whatever firme=ware there is in the 260.. just make sure you upload to the computer any and all modified programs in .dwp format..for future download back to the 260. A hard reset will revert back to facotry default and all user programs are lost...

  • The U15's have a low frequency of 50 Hz. I have a sub on order, but until then, the speakers have their own HPF. Regardless, what should I set the DR HPF to? You are right, they are weak in the low end. I've played around with the GEQ and it generally sounds better by adding some in the 100-300 Hz.

    Since my speakers are powered, the \"Start Here: The Driverack, Gain Structure and system setup\" article confused me. But now that I read through it again, I think I can just substitute TURN SPEAKERS OFF for step 1.

    The M box in the 260, never knew I could click on that... I'll work through the procedure later today and see how that goes.
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