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Which 260 Template to load?

eradioeradio Posts: 2
I am attempting to run my 260 with a mono input and 4 way X over out, plus 2 separate full range outs.
Which template should I use? I tried the 2 X 4 and 1 X 4, but seemed to be herding cats to either get enough gain out of the X over outs or the full range outs..
I feel like I was missing something.
Please help...


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    You need to build a custom preset... you will also need to use the \"config\" mode to do this... select ANY preset, (I hope your using the GUI...) The enter the Config mode, and configure 260 the way you want... remember to store the preset... it takes 3 presses.. and you need to visit the \"READ ME FIRST BEFORE POSTING\" section... before asking any more questions.. it's the rules...
    Gadget... moderator
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